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  • 00:08: Greetings friends my name is denis Boris, you are on the canal and the House dot ru Now we will talk about one very important exercise our quadriceps that It called hack sit-ups like squat something like standard squats something different certainly it an exercise technically more easier than the standard
  • 00:31: squats but in some matters it is more dangerous to I think what nuance the most important law thing is our spine constantly recorded specific position if during Squats we can lean during diverge ago, that is, select more comfortable position for our body is While sit-ups we have such a possibility ie hazelnut we loins continually pressed back and
  • 01:01: actually we they are not without ability to move our back, we can in this position move the general Only our feet extension as well as squat It occurs mainly due to knee joint 2 through for by hip joint that is very important in this exercise you if viewed roller squat about you You may remember that I was talking about our knees, our knees in no case should advocate for our during sock squats because
  • 01:31: if our knees will speak for Our sock it will create-breaking load our knee we need it we do You do not need to also achieve this state to knees have not advocated for our sock because in the ordinary we can squat that achieved by leaving, I Hades back her tilt corresponding to back in the We exercise this opportunities not as our back fixed so the only this option
  • 02:00: case is our movement stop that is this exercise, remember it is very important to learn put the foot far enough away from himself because if we put a foot too close to him the knees have priori be you to come forward for socks so you need learn to put legs enough long away at such a position at a position we do not will be
  • 02:30: breaking in stress our knee because the sock in we will speak for our good knee Now a couple of words about about our stop over Stop in general, all as well as in we can squat put our feet can close and put a stop out in the second we can supply stop and our wider We can narrower and we can meet Stop and deploy socks each other
  • 03:00: to such as a duckling Ugly as can deploy them in different sides of each from each other in this exercise, we realized already that close put feet to his can not because It will arise breaking stress in our knee joint that is necessary feet put far enough away from us to this-breaking voltage arose respectively at this form execution we exercise there will be more
  • 03:30: accentuate download our smaller in the quadriceps buttock when here By the way one of the most important pinned this exercise it in general, despite the what looks like squats more accented our ship but for quads by the fact that you at all expose more Forward your feet correspondingly more isolated It is going work Now the quads more about width of foot what you put legs the more you It works outside
  • 04:00: surface quadriceps wider you are putting your feet the more you work going on internal parts quadriceps and your adductor muscles hip and the last moment about Turning socks general, the same if the socks sent each other the More boots outer surface If your hips socks directed laterally apart respectively longer loaded the inner part of your moves and quadriceps adductor muscles thigh to
  • 04:30: not to invent I'll bike I recommend to put feet high comfortable position far enough each simulator for to us on knees do not go beyond socks and in general that you can start implementation of the exercise exhale on effort working within amplitude upper point to the end lap not unbend tensions remain at the bottom We go down as much as possible below until
  • 05:00: loins our is pressed to back once loins our starting from the back rip a signal the fact that below You do not need to go down you have reached At the point in the general it's like squats baby God