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Como tejer chaleco, chambrita, saco, sueter para niña a crochet ganchillo (1\/3) - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: or do we learn to be a vest for a girl between 10 and 12 years old made in one piece and it's woven in round we started to weave for the part is from the neck and we turned in shape of the change of form of plans u then we made the division and they work with obesity the front and the back as a detail, you will see here that the tip with a high color we did not do what possible to the last row said how
  • 00:33: I can and finally we also put a decorative ribbon and a flower that also all options can be if you want, you can put the director's office to leave us without no detail equally to the last debt at the end of the video leaves the photo of how there would be one each of the options is another thing I wanted to say besides of this vest is that the width of 40 centimeters has now mine and I have the appointment and they are approximately
  • 01:08: living 40 centimeters wide and of long from here from the shoulder to mashup up the screen up here I would have 47 centimeters you also have to leave as information this data so that they take into account ideas to get out of this morning that this one is a reason for me a single motive is measuring eight centimeters is for this reason me of eight
  • 01:39: centimeters and for this garment for this one is centered in total ten grounds 12 10 for 8 gives me equal to 80 centimeters that divided in two and the half of this plot 47 do motive and they get eight centimeters that measures the reason then you are not going to we are going to leave a chalecito similar to this one of this same size 10 years and To comment wanted after the part of the description let's leave
  • 02:10: then to make this same one already Sizes led to 68 years and two to four years what material necessary to make our vest are three between 250 to 300 grams of each million would be thick in this case I will show you that is formed by four females here we know it as camilo or acrylic common The thickness of being in two colors 300
  • 02:40: as it says color that I did was in color salmon I'm with between 250 and 300 grams and also a little bit of another color or if you want or can not do one color they also request a crochet needle number this case according to the 'number four 'can depends on each one can be a little thicker or thinner like tile shows the number four and how do you I said earlier shows me for
  • 03:12: for a single reason or a single reason to he gives me eight centimeters and that with that can calculate if your tissue is passing something similar to what I did after we need needle wool to know all the extremes that have not 80 to 90 centimeters of tape or make of satin or any other that you want that is like details of decoration but if you do not want tape there
  • 03:42: It is necessary to put tape and scissors and good and that would be in all materials to start our work like 66 chains and we're going to work round ie when present it falls I will not close with a point slipped let's continue in this way the line the chain so that it does not remain crooked in this way so when we unite and not what atrocity we can continue weaving quietly here is the tip and I 'm going to join with
  • 04:13: one point analyzed and the first row let's work all medium point areta let's do two races to lift the voice 12 in the same place where I know that the two chains I'm going to make an average baretta told them that I in this one says tissue sequence the two races do not I'll take them as a point but it's going to make new overtook the tissue person I will have an average valeta I will not tell you directly good
  • 04:44: continue taking the midpoint barletta for all the chains latina in this way we are knitting all the midpoint baretta we reached the end of the row number one and we're going to close with a
  • 05:14: point has made this way now let's do two chains and still work the second row all point areta in this way but also the increases now we are going to make eight suitcases first in the same place where the Two chains bars can be a suitcase that is to say that these two chains that is that are for your work I will not tell you
  • 05:44: as aretha I have one two three four five six seven and eight suitcases now I'm going to do an increase that is 2 twists that I do at the same point
  • 06:14: in this way are the varetas that made the same point now I pray two streets 12 and the next point water again an increase is say two suitcases that got the same point now go tgn total 13 varetas 2. 3
  • 06:48: 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 and 13 will be made the 13 varetas I'm going to make a raise again 240
  • 07:23: that pulled the same point or make a same point and two chains 12 in the next point to be turned back two an increase that is two suitcases that pulled from the same point Now I'm going to make 16 twists 26 and sybarites
  • 07:59: now I'm going to do an increase that is two suitcases he pulled a 1.2 12 streets and the next increase in the next point an increase again 123 weave three Weeks 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 and three times the
  • 08:33: 13th slow
  • 09:04: now it's going to be an increase of 22 streets 12 and again an increase is us arriving almost at the end in this you have to give in total eight wand so that this work that so let's say then I'll see if I the night remains
  • 09:34: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and 8 we are finishing the second final we are going to have pointed out to close and let's make them fall is now more in
  • 10:06: the third row that we have will be a point areta and we will knit for each point more to weave a gap until get to this until the 22 races another thing is the first time I'm going to get out of where I know the countries however insert the first bag because the two chains with which raised the point I do not tell you how navarrete thus to put everything in point suitcase to the place where the
  • 10:39: two races here is what I have and here I am with the two chains what we are going to do inside the two streets are not going to do
  • 11:10: two suitcases a 2 and two chains a 2 and in the same place I'm going to make another two barretas +2 and I'm going to start knitting all point areta up get to the 2 faces again not I'm going to be what it is again the markets are going to duarte durán de follow what I wanted to show to
  • 11:42: do not confuse us and we want to have all the points it happened to me that the other time weaving and unraveling choose directly from this way and which although it seems that It was fine because they did not leave the first point ista that as they are here the group of this edition this space as that is for that point and you do not see it then advice is to look well at what is the first barrier to weave all
  • 12:14: variants that we do not miss any apparent then in the first part he began to weave all the suitcases up come again until the two chains to quito tomorrow again where are the chains let's do one more time to see how do we do when we get to be
  • 12:45: the two chains in two suitcases 2 and we make two chains 12 and again 242 and we started having everything again twists until you get back to the streets as always we look to knit all the points and that we do not have the first hidden point well this way we have all the
  • 13:15: points we keep having we are reaching the end of row number 3 that we're going to open with a revised tip to this you I wanted to show first for good as so they can see how the tissue a little bit of time there is in this way we are leaving the tissue is to say that this would be this part for here would be whatever the sleeves
  • 13:48: this would be your back and you will be in front from this the other hand in this way as we go to do the row is going to increase and shaping what is no longer good in the fabrics three rows the promotion to third let's weave or sooner if there were more strategy in the same way that weave smell it the third of it way we knit five more laps and all the voices of selling eight rows and
  • 14:18: Well what is there in this I also repeat it let's leave everything as row 3 that is, we are going to knit everything in baretta slightly when we arrived here at two hips what we always do and in the whole final what we are going to do in all the chains that we got that are four this is is this is to bend these two chains two masks within these two races finishing
  • 14:49: to make the eight rows from here back in our hose would be ready that is to say the part is of the sleeve of the islands not we would have to leave nothing else for the moment we would start to weave what it would be the back and the front for start knitting this front Spain let's do is taboo this round number nine in point is worth you are going to do it in the following way let's start with two chains one side to encourage the work and to weave a
  • 15:20: point is worth to get to this corner leading the tip and we're going to pack in the space we do we were going to make two chains 12 and 11 directly with the other end say this part we are not going to weave it and let's do everything
  • 15:50: we are going to see that this way we have already separated from the front of the sleeves and the part also of the squad of the sleeves decision is divided the parts and now if we continue taking to score eta in this way until yesterday refinery
  • 16:21: weave point areta we are carrying the tip and we are going to pack in the space we do twists 12 and we are going to make two chains 12 now we will not have this part but we're going to set it free and I'm directly with the other space where let's make two suitcases or the 2 they will see that this form we have already lived
  • 16:57: what would be the part of the tares oo hose and the front and the back is to say that we already have 10 / now 17 tour around the fabric who Baretta point to finish the final in this way until we get to here at the end of the row that last what we are going to do is make a point slipped if they want
  • 17:29: in this way and we already cut directly the strand because the cause of it is in this part of us would be finished this part what we do is lose by the face of veron This way, it does not bother when best well now let's start with the other part of us have begun to weave what is has done to the back and the front we are going to weave arredondo