Vera Rahmanina

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2 How to connect a spring hat, a bottom, the 4th row  See details »

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  • 00:00: fourth row do connective bar to jump a distance between my bulky columns previous row I pull loop and I start this distance of two volume I see a column volume bars consisting in 3 sc you withdraw from the amount you Then, look into the previous row was two columns with sc in first column with I sc knit one post with
  • 00:30: nakidoi with 2 column with nakida knit 2 column from the sc I eat here again adds more again in the distance between my voluminous columns with sc I see two volume column with sc where there were bars with nakida from the first
  • 01:00: knit one post with sc of 2 see two column from the sc there again I adds further repeat sparkling between the non-bulk I see two columns volume column where there were bars with sc previous a number of the first knitting column with one of nakida
  • 01:31: 2 see two columns with sc 5 same adding that is so I repeat for circle the entire business the track for three times so when tied there are still six Just at the end of a number of connective column here in fourth row I Again, I will add 9 loops in the third number curve own loops in the fourth series also will add 9 loops and by analogy in the fifth row will also add 9 loops