Installation of LED lighting in a luggage carrier...  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:05: usually in the trunk cars name for backlighting use 1 lampshade so this does little light he uneven weak so today we try to resolve this shortcoming using simple manipulation and inexpensive components of the we need a couple pieces of wire 15 centimeters red and white light for clarity LED Strip Light
  • 00:30: white although you can select any other according to your taste screwdriver and soldering iron Measure out first tape of desired length and cut off the view then solder middle belt beforehand made two wiring red plus white to minus and now these contacts the ceiling we Connect the wires when we all mount vehicles using screwdriver to pull out bowl of planting place now
  • 01:01: smuggles wire through holes ceiling and gently glue tape then connected wire terminals lamp and fix them connect the connector food and head for checked if the tape not lit then you confused polarity change the wires on all contact Now he earns We return to the cover a place that's actually and all when opening the trunk of our tape you will be equal to the right highlight it and consume at the same time no more bulbs standard ceiling of