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  • 00:00: There is a Yes it is in such Thank you everybody binding Kyabekyabe cabbage It is here Masu I would like to do a little cutting out of the shredded cabbage You can give me such a catch in shreds I can handle such things as eyes through it is fine It is I cabbage is the first 4 of this cat in cabbage
  • 00:32: It is a metropolitan moon strange person So this one is pretty bad Well cut quietly It is different from this cabbage Such broadcasting ikea like and use sleep the better above this half anyone I Ekko Ito cabbage Is not it? I think that I want to do is you it At the same seems to be able to I'll rounded Innovation round and round to take me coat with taking a high rebound It is Buddha Gane This is also above it from the other surface of a lake
  • 01:08: This time I came In this time It is about 1 to 3 I will do this I the Kke seen lightly I think you will find a washing completion Please wipe off with kitchen paper etc. And it is good to shred it well Well shop says that it's going to be exposed to water Especially when you do it Ne sauce
  • 01:42: It 's pretty neat element contained in cabbage Vitamin c or something else It all drains out As it is I rest is in the shredded by Tsu big day 2 of your washing of the cat leaves because you Have eaten I think that it is possible to ingest a spirit or a golden thing, so try squirting after that part What do you think So I would like to see me It is shredded cabbage Wane I heard that it is about a pro of a cat now Can you see something in the wire and crushed wire? I will just cut along Sekine
  • 02:17: Ah well is not it It is a kitchen knife, not a drop like this With this feeling voodoo
  • 02:50: Easy eye Buber's not a And Buber
  • 03:31: Cabbage cuts out so well well Praised and out of good hey cabbage I order if Mose I might become and dad Shredded I am finished a It is like this, but there is not if in a one-man show Money Finely It was able to fight skill It is after turning off the wire It is like doing it like doing air When crowded in a dish the cabbage is about twice So I am Kone crisp fluffy Without Vessen to eat together with the air more and more
  • 04:03: It seems to be possible In the grunt chopped Vegetable slaves and very much I think that you can have delicious tea bowl agency
  • 04:35: Then also Thank you very much talking catering dojo your viewing will last today It is true I tried making shrimp in cabbage shreds Well then, I'm sorry to have you all see you again. It is a campaign game