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  • 00:00: breeding orchids home available and not very experienced florist and It can be done several ways methods reproduction of exotic many plants and usually the way reproduction depends the plant species so there are species that multiplies side shoots others can be propagated Only pseudo bombs or layering has The reproduction with help children who are formed at the nodes pseudo pain
  • 00:30: look at ways orchid breeding these kinds of names the best thing I grow house I talk about it my other blog and so once again orchid breeding multiplication division dividing orchids can What a simple way to propagate plants but this kind of division suitable not far all orchid and division can be expanded next cymbidium pot
  • 01:03: and Oncidium odontoglossum or I bertone dendrobium that is all orchids all podi cial forms and growth This is possible because that these kinds of several plants growth points each growing point forms the germ and that their place over time thickens and turns into pseudobulb basic conditions to
  • 01:31: successful division orchids is a large number of but that's all share Plants can only if at dividing each part of the plant will be not less than two or three germs all arc most suitable for this procedure time since the beginning of spring plants better accustomed plants grown is removed from the pot rhizome carefully It separates from the substrate you can wash it warm water after
  • 02:00: this clean feed neatly cuts shears or knife two or more portions thus to each of the flower there are not less than 2 pseudobulbs get a cut not necessarily grow sprinkle powder wood charcoal then plants are planted Everyone has their own pot beforehand trained substrate etc. must be stick normal rules of care for the plant ie it should be
  • 02:30: occasionally I'm talking about good watering do every day orchid is considered rooted only then when it there will be new young shoots orchid breeding propagated by cuttings cuttings can Not all types of orchids only who are we fake form growth cuttings can be propagated the following types phalaenopsis ace to Center and Vanier and radishes
  • 03:02: I want a brass oval van tap cis angry kun Sarko heelas plants with-moon podi judges they form growth different torpedo likes forms dew the fact that they have no always current and stalk grows at 1 apical point therefore for growth these methods of plant dividing unacceptable and apply reproduction cuttings better
  • 03:31: for all propagation by cuttings suitable type of orchid phalaenopsis for propagation by plant cuts sucker if any they also take faded flower stalks from cut stems cut cuttings length from 10 to 15 centimeters resulting cuttings spread on surface moist soil and covered with a film thus creating
  • 04:00: teplichku way in as the soil can be use moss sphagnum or simple sand which is filled in prepared moisturizing capacity each cuttings must be at least two nodes already saved when it kidney planting cuttings it should be remembered that the strongest Kidney those who They were on peduncle below others orchid breeding breeding babies
  • 04:31: the children also pretty simple method of reproduction so can be propagated Only species such as phalaenopsis dendrobium and kids and then side shoots represent little new The plant forms they already withered peduncles kids like usually appears if the plant put a room with heat and sufficient air humidity and can trigger
  • 05:00: the emergence of children feed plant any fertilizers with high nitrogen content if you notice the emergence of children kids plants should be omit some times a day, this procedure will Babes in the empty roots as a rule of the emergence of Babe peduncle and the and transplanting into the soil must pass three months during this time kids will release three
  • 05:30: four leaf Cover grow 5-7 cm 2 such Babe ready to independent life is not worth also allow outgrown the kids because much grown root ransom damaged when planting will get sick as soon as the baby suffice it growing back Okay need to answer parent plants sue pot cut Babe peduncle The next island clean leaving the blade with
  • 06:01: each side of about 1 centimeter cuts necessary sprinkle powder charcoal more We act as three planting or transplanting plant that is set it in pot and sprinkle advance trained substrate following a few months young plant better keep conditions of increased humidity easier this can be achieved erecting on plants parnichok teplichku reproduction
  • 06:31: Orchid seeds and it Perhaps the most complex method of reproduction orchids it applies Only in those cases when there is no possibility take advantage of any other way planting process should occur absolutely sterile conditions which you need to get only special laboratory at plant propagation from the family Orchidaceae seeds follow fill the pot shredded sphagnum or simply crushed a substrate for landing
  • 07:01: prepared the ground moisturizes and seeded seeds prisypaya their nothing further from the top pot should be put in teplichku or build on it parnichok in teplichke must support constant temperature of about 23 25 degree surface seeds ground must be periodically spray warm soft water or from bryzgalki polarizer seed will grow by
  • 07:31: three to nine months and seed a germ who need dive into a separate container To obtain plant ready landing on the need to further one half of one and a half to three years and this idea will blossom no sooner than Five years after the power on so that this method breeding in home to me apply