Oksana Ivanova

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How to knit a sock heel. Part II. Lower part of a heel.  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Knit bottom of the heel. Knit average 10 loops facial, and now the product Turn around, do nakida knit and purl
  • 00:46: 11 loops, five and six of the second knit spokes. Turn the product, and do nakida provyazyvaem six
  • 01:39: facial loops. In the next second spoke again knit again six facial loops, five, and six knit together with sc. The lower part of the heel knit similar to the upper part,
  • 02:23: Only every time you need to the middle of the loop add loops sides. Now, knit the last rows of the bottom of the heel. Once again, we do nakida and knit backing row.
  • 02:57: One loop needles knit, knit loops of the second knitting needles. Do not forget that the sc and the last loop need to knit
  • 03:48: together.
  • 04:18: Turning the product, knit the last front row: at the beginning of a series of sc already do not need to. Knit facial loops. One loop needles knit, knit loops other spokes.
  • 04:59: Sc and the last loop knit together. So we get this such a heel.
  • 05:48: Next, knit in a circle, continuing to knit a sock.