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  • 00:09: We start processing zipper secret lightning in the preparation products to fitting first mark up limits and lightning then baste the seam not forgetting the tack starting mix
  • 00:30: stitched seam tack comes to starting Lightning and doing the same tack then baste then combine slices without the seam is closed
  • 01:24: grind down the seam beginning to our manual tack before the
  • 01:30: lightning Move extra strings are removed from the tag and then go in order to press them apart at the seam ironing and press them apart our us Here is such a help
  • 02:00: remarkable pad which is also called the about investing pad in the product laid out on side seam allowances and went we carefully undressed Dinner hey seam you prick Volga
  • 02:30: Bullock
  • 03:10: and then tack each side at This little retreat from the teeth and occasionally forget do Bartacking
  • 03:43: when lightning signs to remove from label of the seam is not touched basting wave and then you can
  • 04:02: perform fitting and pritachivat then zipper opening and pritachivaem each side Special foot I I will use here 1 in such a Pelvic foot you can be other I want to note that in machines which established needle position
  • 04:30: This foot looks different me as always one traffic as you can see This tab has two positioning that is, it can located either left of the needle and right of the needle choose the right for
  • 05:00: our position line begins as usually tack to stitch the second side of the zipper and start
  • 05:30: pritachivaniya also Lightning top down, we You must rearrange tab to another starting position hook ban note that we are finishing line pritachivaniya
  • 06:00: lightning is strictly a place where we should mark while I tea when both at the side of the zipper we close ranks its swap foot in and another position concludes by sewing seam
  • 06:30: mark the end lol it remains only to remove Tagged with now consider the results my work is only priutyuzhit