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  • 00:00: God sweetest brashna our never the dying but staying in Sham a great in honor of his discount Jacob's bad what delicious whole parade and create alien years together and gifts him to know the sweetness its life-giving spiritual past and the is the flesh and blood yours and holy and living and effectively and words
  • 00:31: yours Christ ugodniche Formation humane God Alexei Look down at the gracious We workers and couples sharper in prayer to Lord God, be honor She Rusi your and asked us to him leaving our trespasses
  • 01:01: voluntary and involuntary peaceful and Christian lives of death and a good response to judgment Day of Christ, she ugodniche God do not be ashamed I hope in the step on you and on Bose Virgin pin but wake us mate and patron of let thy salvation prayers poluchivshe grace and mercy from the Lord glorified father and philanthropy Son and Holy Spirit, and thy holy
  • 01:31: intercession now and ever, and forevermore O great and prechudny ugodniche Christs Sainted Father Ignatius graciously accept our prayers with love thanksgiving to you may bring us hear orphaned and helpless to you with faith and love
  • 02:01: teaching and deuce the benefits the intercession for us before the throne gentlemen, thank coloring vemy Thou much can prayer righteous ruler mercy is You athlete infant gentlemen flame I loved him, and hast single listen willed all red this world it what it Carry you have rejected Me and all we cross and Christ followed hast thou
  • 02:32: the path is narrow and the unfortunate lives and night from what I Me and hast chosen to 7 path of virtue great courted hast thou writing your heart person the deepest awe and humility before almighty creator performed Yasi sinners also fallen words of wise your minds in his insignificance and their wickedness in repentance and humility resort to God hast taught
  • 03:02: encouraging them to hope his mercy Nicoli Well come to the bucket you rejected and all children of the father favorite pastors Good was clear and now do not leave us diligently you praying and your help and intercession of begging us to ask a person love God our Lord good health and mentally bodily strengthen our faith fortify our strength his sick soup
  • 03:32: temptations and cattle this age with comb prayer ohladevshee heart and help us! repentance cleaned PWM Christian the demise of secular belly and get to the hall Spasov embellished ignite all elected and there with you and worship the Father Son and Holy Spirit forever and ever amen