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  • 00:00: Well almost I sock you already linked hardest This heel but for me heel longest and then all of a sock second and sock we associate what I'm doing I turn further work look carefully what I do I do as always and easily I'm just not looking for All the difficulties I working life I oversimplifying here I order
  • 00:30: as I was easy I Make no mistake, I always take the hook I have a metal good hook so I gaining five side is petelechki now I will gain so if I have there were twenty ryadochkov I was recruit because edge of my 10 So I will gain 10 loops so I obvozhu kryuchochek this an edge loop
  • 01:00: and one loop side by side I'm through, I spend across not himself where the front wall Ryazan I grab I pass through the hook All an edge loop 2 Now March 4 5 6 7 8 9 and 10 and of 10
  • 01:36: loops on the hook I so I was making soup you can poll directly on the needle wear but I all the same and business board and scoreboard and younger than it is now, and Now we shift of us here on the hook the working needle I shift these petelechki
  • 02:06: then I will knit longer needle his own sock with up to what it is that we I threw thrown These loops when you I can not sleep that while I rested knitting pyatochku means here I have some polosochka fair-haired and rim I naturally dial here I am already not see the series the greyish beige its thread that's why beige
  • 02:36: That's how the following ryadochek here we have 10 loops after I'm I will go to the next end and show that I I am doing on the side of here Now that we are now on 10 and then quickly here are 10 loops and check knit front must easy to knit socks and as it should face loop that I will
  • 03:06: do in the end I that's the end of this white thread now I will intercept and will Now the white thread this white wool yarn translate here here on the heel for what I do it I'll still not seem like Now do these stripes here I will not shown and not to these could be seen here steps because he's the most great now I
  • 03:36: I remembered well This has already been remembered necessarily show Again crochet hook I type gray thread you see now I have it eyelet and a dial and knowledge. 2 but one petelechka then I should not forget that I to stretch neatly and here this little white low little white yarn here here so I will its pick up as well as I I will pick up here so that's the case then the bottom and the top and passed on
  • 04:08: greyish. Nathan by sphere thread will and do the following May 3rd 5 little white I tuck here and greyish thread I spending through petelechku such way bad I want to be seen show you but it no less old age was itself too visible and thus so acted poshkandybal edges fibolo more more in fact it is already five
  • 04:38: six seven seven shovel greyish 8 also I do this hand with knitting needles pigs on the hook spokes translate all
  • 05:08: petelechki and I went on the heels of this where I have 8 stitches cottage 8 loops I share two and four of I have passed on to right needle and four of which I leave to the Left-spoke white I see a thread He summed up here to
  • 05:38: the middle of the middle of the He summed up the white thread and now here's what I want say what and how you need to knit that there are no jumps and could not be seen transition gray thread run on white or white on in the villages and to this I could not see that I then let's do Now water SBU
  • 06:08: spheres series and I'm going to do White means that not it was obvious transition I'm here this gray thread that I I eat and was spread the whole as it seemed I'm not her no work but I I will not work it just me will be on top and Beria horse. will act as below from then then this is Now gray top and will not be visible I go once again I show in the
  • 06:40: There are a few Which was previous it seems to be is laid on top although I do not provyazyvayu there will be both loop for loop if the floor I loop it It will be below that of now even I want begin to say vyvyazyvayut this marginalia here I have 4 and October 10 or 14 I will need to each spoke again the right to transfer the number of loops I have a circle of 40 ie centimeters
  • 07:10: It should be on every and a spoke of 10 and 5 le chic then here at the end a number here are two tabs to I beg knit 14 12 minutes before so I'm These should loops that make I go again they do one of two possible and on the underside and can decrease do face Well
  • 07:40: and here I wonder why it is not like face It is obtained as neater know that I want to say I here are no holes no no I additional loops do not gain never these holes if it was not correct calculation and properly connected here do not need anything invent high We knitting socks or sock I've never holes were not once nothing superfluous name not picking up I invented not want
  • 08:11: there was nobody there I seem to condemn simply shows I'm not your job I am a master class self-taught master's principle of our window work-boat old books and so the heel heel is knitted by old-fashioned it on high api. This heel first less wiped longer serves this heel I never about treasures there more wrong where are the socks too long if the new good quality Yarn that we 20 worn until
  • 08:41: I also take down here I will also diminish Bates I howl unit petelechkoy means one loop of February 2 I petelechki provyazyvayu together I drive with tied together here this marginalia and Considering how many loops I must stay was 14 when the two together Knit 13 loops and snip here I go this ryadochkami go
  • 09:11: now I'm back and still just show you how I So I turn myself I do not invent but I have a joint and steps no no the transition from one the color should be a thread I mean that's howl now I will switch to gray not a gray thread on a beige here then it seems to be I have eyes on top but I put the top white here this thread white and sulfur and I pick up white
  • 09:42: You see's and front as if a gray and I pick up and and be I'm not going to knit for Now this white thread that I let go she would not like me need but this is now small interception necessarily need I will not go again I know you're for end watch those I will diminish that is, I Bates loop through a series of the if I have previous row
  • 10:12: I did the decrease in this series and I decrease loops I will not do just vyvyazyvaya facial loops and subtraction do not I'll wear knit up since then, and as long as I do Now decrease on bokovushka my heel me here until while up on each spoke I will not 10 then loops
  • 10:42: when I have a will 10 stitches on each I just spoke how to knit a sock I will knit a sock so much so that my legs and size size We came up to me the I have also done Department notes there Prime glasses light I did and here You can even easily
  • 11:13: simply has to take on leg to try this toe but usually how many ryadochkov 20-25 then we calculate and we will see once again, I'll show you how I Now I turn gray not . yes and now I go the white thread and Gray does not. I started going to White I knit gray again I put on top of the white as though I
  • 11:45: to knit but I will not follow I have put seen from above superimposed on a white swoop little white and provyazyvaem here Now we have this gray it is not necessary even She pays her attention and I see white Shah made glorious so here not it was obvious transition be seen anywhere transition is not visible is a solid line That 's my not know yet still does but
  • 12:17: here as that of the other these are people I do I do so and I do not visible joints like itself from China well here again, I will diminish will diminish tie at the end of face before it became points and will face tie loops 2 together in total on knit circle on I I made on each spokes must be 10 loops and snip it here
  • 12:50: heel and connected the transition to the future work I have implemented so dear, we will not knit sock on Now I'm going food food and you sit down and see because because I go to what knitting Mysik but this beautiful cape on to socks