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  • 00:00: Lord Jesus Christ Be your mercy put them on week keep them under shelter yours is covered by all the wicked of the will of the wife of them vsyakago enemy of
  • 00:31: Open to it late ears and very cordial grant affection humility of heart God and all create your uzheli my children and paying for repentance Save, O Lord, and sniff do from and ask him to light mind gospel and lead to your the path of thy commandments
  • 01:01: teach and save tvoriti Thy will Thou hast you can create or all creatures applying mercy mercy this made me worthy to be mother family goodness of your He granted me children and I I dare say your children because you gave His body our
  • 01:31: He created and the soul of the immortals revived baptism for life for celebrating with your will I found them and took m his church Lord preserved in blessed state until the end of life with a kind and partakers the mystery of his covenant and illuminates your hallowed in them through them the Holy Name your' I did not save your gracious help in
  • 02:01: their education to the glory of thy name and the use of CIS wait a while for this purpose methods of patience and forces, and teach me to implant in their heart true root wisdom your fear Vasari their light manager your universe wisdom of the loved you with all soul own thoughts but cleave to his you with all my heart and in his whole life to flutter your words gift and my mind
  • 02:32: convince them that true life and It is subject to thy commandments that work to strengthen it piety delivers a life and serene pleasure in eternity ineffable bliss open them understanding your a law up until the end of his days acts sense presence everywhere your threw their hearts horror and disgust from all iniquity that they may be blameless
  • 03:03: in thy ways until memory is always what do you all the good God Jealous of law and truth your respected and chastity reverence to the name your but it does not discredit the church your your behavior and the stomach sings about writing shower hunting useful doctrine and were made able at any good work up will become true the concept of objects to their communication days you must bow
  • 03:34: states on will shine knowledge beneficent for mankind God wise nya capture indelible my features in mind and heart children my fears Commonwealth with no knowing your fear inspire them with the utmost away from any Union with no legal but they did not heed rotten conversation but not listen to people but not frivolous lie paths attacks
  • 04:05: your bad examples but not to be tempted so they sometimes the path of the wicked prosper in all the world is very heavenly gift and grace to me the world beware of the lodge children my temptation my actions constantly bearing in mind their behavior distract them from misconceptions correct errors harnessing the tenacity and stubbornness to restrain from striving for the bustle or thoughts but not they are interested
  • 04:36: crazy thoughts so do not walk the trail his heart but not to become proud their thoughts the and you will not forget Let not thy law destroy lawlessness the mind and the health of their were he not relax mental and physical forces and the judge correct punishing the children for sins of their parents to third and fourth kind Turn from such it should not be shortened punishing sins my but crappy and good and your grace to succeeds
  • 05:06: virtue and holiness yes increase their your grace and dishes and Lady pious have frequently work every mercy sense parent I I would wish his children any abundance or magician earth would wish them blessing from and from dew celestial fatness of the earth yes be with them holy Will your device in its I stripped to the good pleasure life sustenance We send down all
  • 05:37: needed during time acquisition blessed eternity be merciful to them when sin before you insane the sins of my youth and vision when viewed in the crushing heart when they resist leadership goodness your to-heaven and cute you want but do not rejecting on behalf Being accepted your favor prayer their health success in any good work is not about those
  • 06:07: thy face from them in the days of their affliction but not befall them temptation beyond their strength making the sign of your mercy is your angel scheme and keep you though all unhappiness and evil ways all the villains God I Terminated mother of merry her children but will they sell my life and not my support and my kingdom vouchsafe me trust in your mercy
  • 06:37: Imagine them on Judgment your unworthy freely speak here I am my children that God gave me but collectively with them glorifying ineffable goodness and eternal your love exalt I attend your name the eyes of the son and of the Holy floor forever and ever Jesus
  • 07:08: you are one whole thing all can and all You want to be saved and mind to come to the truth I mind my children knowledge of truth thy and your holy will and strengthen their wish for Your commandments I Krishna pamela on the Most Holy Lady
  • 07:39: save his Virgin and keep under shelter your my chat all youths damsel and infant baptism nameless is the womb mother to the barn cut their hands of this his garden there Terence of people fear of God and in obedience parents moth gentlemen and my son your so give them and useful to the rescue and they help me out parent watching 2 Thou art
  • 08:09: divine cover about pontovye mother God where I am in the office your heavenly maternity doctor mental and physical wounds my chat my sins Damage handing my child entirely my Lord Jesus Christ and your most pure heavenly protection they flowers angel keeper of my chat covered them with your
  • 08:42: cover shooting demons from the eyes seducer save their hearts in English frequency Sweetest Jesus oh my heart you have given me children Where are your flesh for my soul and their souls you have redeemed my not evaluated and blood for the sake of your blood I implore the divine
  • 09:12: case you shima savior of grace thy orders not angry children we godchildren mail City of fear thy divine Keep them away from bad and inclinations habits send them to the light the way the truth and the life decorate and good lives all good and Arrange saving destiny and he will want and spasibushki imizhe knowest
  • 09:43: O Lord God of their fathers our children my Klyuchnikova yeah right heart to comply thy commandments thy testimonies and thy statutes, do these things