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  • 00:00: greetings to all lovers of needlework and Welcome to another lesson knitting from sasha man in This lesson we are with you we will learn to knit this charming little flower for knitting this flower to us need yarn two colors for core and
  • 00:30: petal hook suitable for size to yarn and scissors let's start for will begin sliding loop for take a short the tip of the thread to the left hand and make a ring so that the thread from coil was on top of threads with short tip clamping crosshairs large and with the index finger put the thread on forefinger we introduce a hook into ring grab
  • 01:00: work thread and pull it further do 3 lifting loops 1 2 3 these three loops Lifting will replace us 1 cantilevered column then make another air loop and we knit 7 more bunches with a cape with air loop between them that is, we make a cape and insert the hook inside rings pull out work thread and
  • 01:31: we tie a post with and we do air loop then again we make a cape and put inside the ring pull out and we tie a post with and again air loop it turns out that together with lifting loops at I am now three a column with a crochet 1 2 3 all we need are 8 that is, we bind inside the ring 5 more after
  • 02:01: made 8 posts with on the air loops between them made another we take an air loop short tip of thread and tighten our ring we introduce a hook into the third lifting loop and close the series all on this to us more gray is not need but or color in the core in the one that we selected we cut the thread ready
  • 02:31: now take the thread the color we will knit petals I have this red thread we put it on palm short tip to your forefinger choose any arch which is located near the protruding tip well, for example the second from it is introduced in her hook grab a thread and we draw to us at face throw tip
  • 03:01: threads through the working thread and bind air loop and more 2 air loops so that we have everything three lifting loops now we make a CAP on the hook and in the arch we sew 3 a column with one накидом 1 2 3 now doing 3 air loops 1 2 3
  • 03:31: we drive a hook to a gift grab working thread and bind connecting loop We are ready attached 3 Air loops in this the same arch where we have three bars are cut out with a crochet then connective loop and go to next arch and we make 3 air loops 1 2 3 and now in the same arch
  • 04:04: we sew 3 a column with one накидом 1 2 three again doing 3 air loops and attached to this We are tying the arch connecting loop and go to next arch with help
  • 04:34: connective loops this way we form petals and in each arch to us you need to make one petal that is we knit so much to the end after we tied up everything petals then done petal in each arch and attached air loops we enter the hook an already tied arch and we sew connecting loop in order to close row
  • 05:04: everything is done reinforcing air loop we cut our thread the flower is ready to remain only refill the tips of the threads and we we get charming mini flower he knits very simple use such flowers can be in completely different you can use both decoration can be with
  • 05:34: help them create pictures and you can use and for example for knitting the same rug this is enough only turn this flower in square motif of how to do it i I will tell in one of the following videos the lesson is over I wish you a pleasant knitting and see you at following classes Sincerely your Sasha man