Natalya Kryuchkova

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We clean folds. Exercises for a back [Workout | Be in shape]  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:05: take gymnastic stick and place it on shoulders the Pan torso first one then the other side exercise repeat 20 times slightly sloping
  • 00:30: forward and elbow right hand try to touch left knee is not release gymnastic stick keep out of the hands back exactly return to starting position and repeat on the other hand perform 10 repetitions each side take gymnastic stick medium grip slightly caved in lean loin forward by 30 degrees head looks forward knees slightly bent pull the stick to stomach trying lift your elbows up
  • 01:02: perform 12-15 reps stand on the fours making emphasis on the forearm and both knees stretch the left arm forward and right leg We linger in the back this position few seconds holding position back to starting position and repeat it Exercise, on the other side of the case on 10
  • 01:33: repetitions each side Lie on the mat face down raise your hands and feet approximately 20 centimeters above the floor and stay in such position for 10 seconds
  • 02:03: feel voltage in all muscles return to the starting and repeat Submission of at least 10 once engaged with
  • 02:37: Be the form of contact