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  • 00:01: Hello everyone hello we channel amc master regular video well, and that's on another video from I prompted the question one of my viewers it was he I asked than you can replace battery and here such here Nickel-cadmium batteries well screwdriver Basically, not only for the screwdriver
  • 00:30: for example there some screwdrivers rechargeable something like that at that can be replaced with Nickel-cadmium batteries that possible to put Well, in principle, not a secret that in the treasury and batteries have certain close merits and specifically they are very good and give under load rather but relatively quickly charged when
  • 01:02: this principle normally carry the low temperature Well there is a battery Now battery assembly can be brought at minus working temperatures again unacceptable work with minus temperatures but at the same time for all these benefits they certainly have and certain disadvantages namely have pronounced memory effect that is what effect memory this means if you do let's say the wrong
  • 01:31: so let's say you do not fully discharge not completely, and began charging process in Follow they gain capacity is less and Next time already even if you do them the right to charge they gain again lower capacity that there is here and so the effect of the fall capacity battery at wrong in charge have it pronounced Cadmium that is their before any nickel cadmium battery for screwdriver try be sure to charge We need to re
  • 02:00: discharge a necessarily only then make charge if they do not will do very heavily exposed one's capacity I thought at first supply of metal nickel hydride MH batteries to but replacement of such the first full-time here stately box for metal batteries I do not have hydride there will already here Here it is necessary to do
  • 02:31: click here 9 and 6 Volt Battery screwdriver their assembly part 8 batteries on fact eight one two three 4 5 6 8 batteries all right on the 1 and 2 volt my nickel metal-hydride The video shows they have We format 18600 50 but they are 1 and 2 volts that is,
  • 03:01: cram 80 rotten this box well, just not It seemed to opportunity and in basically metal hydride is smaller currents gives the minivan 1 there for the screwdriver it is a bad option, and I decided to get out of position to deliver fly to it and it looks follows immediately them repaired so way went at first I wanted them solder wire
  • 03:31: just do a barrel roll but then I decided to do so more say universal I just their way I took two boxes of double and here are three battery successively He connected turned is such a principle in pretty universal thing ie when chewing here the batteries can be replace the Well, that's just two Boxing coiled tape and like this then that's not a way they miraculously came in 1
  • 04:00: boxing well and there they did not hesitate here such a small foam and there planted just so they're not it does not shake examine them there absolutely tight sit here and we've got here is a battery let's see about voltage come too He certainly got 6 and 9 are not it is even the most conservative estimates somewhere in the region of 12 V shall issue Well, let's Multimeter
  • 04:31: I put together as he I decided to go this way Now try measure how much he there we will yes Here he is in the area of ​​12 volt outputs the battery but 12 states and 9, and 6 are not so big difference and 12-volt other Batteries take the screwdriver well, in principle, 96 to that which fits the
  • 05:00: It works wonderful way everything revolves everything is working well, Now let We connect our legion as the sea as you can see only 3 battery format lithium-ion 1850 RUB like this way works even easy to maintain
  • 05:31: by three wonderful manner wherein another note Here's the Lithium-ion batteries are not in fact They have a capacity of more than Here's what these metal hybrids with these debts if you do not drill so wrong here Now available capacity 1300 mAh at the same battery they really are not new but from there they plant something had been 2 coppers there 2,202,300
  • 06:01: Now of course they probably capacity but smaller in area Basically for two this screwdriver wonderful here here this here unpretentious ie just elementary to once again show two boxes of double connected together to tape inserted successively battery and all this despite the panic the only thing there is one with small caveat one hand unpleasant but other hand and You are not critical
  • 06:32: Lithium-ion Batteries do not like an occasion that is well many probably noticed that the cell phone them already work in the cold and so on and so forth in general, any regions batteries they treated badly cold so cold work this screwdriver to unfortunately not It will then have you Well, I have here particularly if
  • 07:00: I work in the cold just take in nickel-cadmium I have a staff well if somewhere in the room warm Whether you can safely Theon but there is still a caveat Lithium-ion Batteries do not like the strong discharge there then as cadmium Conversely needed maximally before discharge charging here's how time liteon he does not like deep discharge and since here we do not have nothing that is let the battery on
  • 07:32: laptop us hedging controller which he built there not It gives the battery in Baku-cut This case, however, we such as for example the insurer is not here completely all assigned as say under your the responsibility Since you have here themselves to watch and cup they can be cut certainly look at Internet scheme some controller unpretentious which will be here
  • 08:00: but to adapt it See for yourself at I wish I could I try later something like do here instead It allows you here still a bunch of special places on this side of that is, then you can safely What some Teller charge positioned well look can can shoot accommodate any battery from the notebook stuffy there Controller look in but until further Here I am on exploiting any as just plain rude speaking austere without controller well
  • 08:30: respectively style Paul the same fate It starts poorly turns it suggests that batteries hooked in principle, better reconcile them multimeter see how many voltage beautiful better with lithium better they often charge all unleash the deep there's We felt that It became ill to work better battery put in charge You can charge the same most of my Max I have repeatedly showed that there
  • 09:00: principle can be wonderful and here we catch a Max and calmly battery charging penny, and it's there be there when bank of principle no problems should this occur when chewing calling if you have a great desire can of battery output balancing connector and to connected to aymaks special balance even these batteries Well here basically three battery great meaning and I do not balance and so you can see
  • 09:30: charged directly to well ie here We ask answer that is, you can simply replace nickel and cadmium and rifts can be replaced by lithium, but he some 100 for reservations process charge-discharge you have to follow own well plus in the cold to unfortunately not will normally work Well screwdriver somehow principle Here is such a
  • 10:00: simple trick in store to whom it will be interesting video about the controller the discharge for the charge this battery write to comments I basically I try and can find be if you want to be shooting video on how do it well and to Today, like all and liked it Like liked dizlayk a useful channel subscribe worthless pass passing well in general here
  • 10:30: something like this until we meet again See you next video