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Zigzag a hook the Pattern of the Tunisian knitting 20 - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:03: two-color knitting Tunisian pattern zigzag knit chain the number of loops a multiple of 14 and then provyazyvaem one air loop missing in Based loop and We take out of each loop air one chain Glue to the end this series I
  • 00:34: got only 28 loops in my samples and is now close the first loop the loop close air loop and then four times close together loop 2 1 2 3 4
  • 01:04: then close 4 loops together and further 11 January 3 loops together January 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
  • 01:44: now again close together 4 loop pattern and then will be repeated 11 loop 2 times and then once every 4 loops together
  • 02:01: a number of knit and now change the color of the thread the first loop provyazyvaem air loop and more between the first and the second column provyazyvaem column in pigtail consolidation But in this point and then the simple knit 5 Tunisian bars one two three 4 May where
  • 02:44: Knit loops 3 together provyazyvaem one simple Tunisian column capturing high loop then again provyazyvaem 5 simple
  • 03:00: the lower bars one two three 4 May and column in a pigtail consolidation again provyazyvaem simple Tunisian column, and again
  • 03:30: column in a pigtail further consolidate provyazyvaem 5 simple the lower bars two or three times on May 4 and one the low plain a table in the center here here and so pattern will
  • 04:01: repeated until the end next to the future repeat knitting 2 and 3 series of constantly changing thread on the right side work I I show again to be better clear and pain is same place where we provyazyvali 4 loops together again
  • 04:31: provyazyvaem together 4 hinges and so We continue to knit on pattern and here such at we will striped pattern I invite to visit catalog page where You will find all symbols and lessons of Tunisian crochet as well as if you had useful lesson put the huskies and I will
  • 05:01: glad your comments