Valentina Rumyantseva

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  • 00:00: Blessed is our God sudong is not centuries of ages amen Glory be to you our God thank you heavenly king The Reassurer of the Soul of Truth Everywhere everywhere and all treasuring a treasure good and life bearer come have settled in us and cleared of all sorts filth and save the whims our soul Holy God with this strong saints mortal, have mercy on us Holy God with this strong with this immortal merciful us holy God holy and strong
  • 00:30: holy immortal have mercy on us father and son and saint spirit, and now and ever and forevermore amen holy trinity have mercy on us Lord cleanse our sins lord of forgiveness our iniquities saints visit and heal our infirmities named after your city Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy glory to father and son and the holy spirit and now for ever and ever Amen Our Father who art on earth the heavens are to be sanctified
  • 01:01: your name come your kingdom yes will be like yours for heaven and earth our daily bread give us the day and Leave us our debts As we leave it our debtor and do not lead us in temptation but deliverance us from evil Thou Thine is the kingdom, and strength and glory of the father and son and holy spirit now and ever and in centuries of ages amen have mercy on us Lord have mercy on us all arc answer is not up to able
  • 01:32: suite the prayer I Canadian and sinner bring mercy to us glory to father and son and the holy spirit of God have mercy on us you ear ham not us strength be angry and the same without the law Let's see now and for his sorrow spared from hands our God you are Our and we are your people all do hand your name your call or not for ever and ever Amen charity of the door
  • 02:02: open on blessed theotokos hoping for you yes We do not have to die you get rid of misfortunes you save the Christian Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy God eternal to the king creations from to loved even in the hours and before sing and forgive
  • 02:32: he made his sins day by deed and of the thoughts and cleanse my lord humble my soul from all kinds of foul deeds and spirit and should Lord, we have an essay see the world at home 100 watts humbly the range of the at the holy name yours all days my belly and my pen I fight the name of the enemy flat and ethereal God save me from thinking vain for shooting at and lustful deeds and a
  • 03:02: thy power out of the kingdom and the glory of father and son and holy spirit now and for ever and ever Amen the Almighty words eyes and self perfection of jesus christ nurgle for the sake of your mercy never leave mini robot wyigu no always rest in me and a neighbor eels posterior your object is not will you give me food snake reluctance garden Well, they did not leave neither I on the 7th ebb is not you Good heavens to him
  • 03:33: worships the king flowers Jesus Christ asleep on preserving flickering light in the spirit of your saints and already lit up and your the disciples will give to God opinion worthy your frame about your salvation on my bed in the light mind and light of mind light would the gospel your soul of the cross love your heart cleanliness glory set you my body is yours passion or passionate conceivable your humility
  • 04:04: save and erect but during similar a your praises I Capri glorified csa beginningless the father and the holy in spirit for ever Amen Lord heavenly king The Reassurer of the Soul of Truth charity and have mercy on me a sinner thy servant, and released unworthy and sorry all or kati having sinned there is a man payments and on it man but also gurii my free livestock Sins and involuntary
  • 04:34: about her unknown I am a horror of the flowering of science Evil and I judge a lot of despondency axis by your name Blob or groin leaves my thinking or as bucarev or apple vita coco anger my or rather grieve or than a problem all or soldier or without a suit slept or a niche come to me and above all, or brother of my sorrows or reduce or kuga condemned or developed cah power divide div
  • 05:04: among the angry or standing on a prayer mind about slyness I least of all moving or corruption for thoughts or circle all whether about a pixel a visa is laughed or sly according to helly goodness touch hd this I am vulnerable to mine heart or not similar in the lagoons or the sin of my brother laughed my own its natural and the decision itself or prayer and not injuring or I'll start with whoever
  • 05:35: I do not remember both all and most of all stages of the melamed thief than the lord of the dreary and an unworthy slave your old and his let go and forgive me as a blessing and philanthropist yes with peace regional patch the prodigal sinful and cursed aces and I bow and sing and I will glorify with honesty Your name is the owl of prices and not his son now and ever and in eyelids amen state I will bring and personally Uchi
  • 06:07: repay or gifted by the immortal king a generous lyubcha man Lord, I'm lazy a are you my beliefs and negligence bless your garden thumbs to find by the end who walked the day salvation soul of my system bodes well sinner is obviously to Moussya prompted the blessing Mostar and Poland the soul is defiled and immense sin and from beats me the whole point crafty I can live this life
  • 06:37: forgive my sin ege are not sinless I'll show those still sinning day by driving and ignorance of the word and business and thought and all my feelings you yourself I cover save from all of the opposite circumstances your divine power and ineffective will we kill a man and by force cleanse the honor my many sins Lord's blessings get rid of the network evil and save passionate my soul and
  • 07:08: autumn face color yours will be up to you will come to his glory and not condemned now to sleep fall asleep and create and without dreaming and not embarrassed by the thought work and the goose, the people of you it's not a fan anymore from me and enlightened reasonable eyes Yes, my heart did not fall asleep. death and after meow angel peacefully custodians did not give to the soul and body well, let the world rid itself of Rahma them but remained in I'll bring his drama to those thankful entreat her
  • 07:38: hear me a sinner and your wretched servant with the power gifts of the rebels 7 thy word Learn how to phenomenon demonic far from minions but on make your angels but good people your name is holy and I praise praise the Most Blessed Virgin Mary Mary and already lena walls of sinners the offensive and mission of the praying veins of veins beacon imitates ye philanthropy and the person praying does not stick
  • 08:08: I have an intercession with honest cross sign and all your saints for the sake of the mind shoes my soul myself people Jesus Christ Jesus Ours and a holiness and glorified in eyelids amen Good Lord, ours is less often sinners alone sim with new business and by thought as a blessing and philanthropist simple salt myrin and undisturbed by gifts your angel custodian covering
  • 08:38: observant of all evil as thou art a keeper souls 5 or all of our and you glory we send to father and son and the holy spirit now and ever and in centuries of ages amen Good Lord our God disloyal belief in hong and and worse than any name them do not call ours to sleep doer glory to the soul and body and the people of us from every dream and whether I'm sweet aspirations are tired the passions fade away
  • 09:09: decision in Astana give us a corporeal force wise not to live and do on the scales up virtuous residence for you priemlyushchikh both goods not from lifting good thy Thou blessed be you eyelids amen Lord, not only the name not your local goods Lord save me eternal torment of God whether the mind is relay by thought in word or sin forgive me my lord save me from every ignorance and oblivion
  • 09:39: and faint-heartedness about the stone n-th not feeling Lord carving and me from all temptations Lord enlighten me heart and is gloomy at whom and growing thin Lord Asya for the man himself decided you I to the god of the north melamya form and we hear about it a Lord after fertile in aid I glorified the name your holy lord write Jesus Christ I work for the prince the animals carried gifts benefit
  • 10:09: oh my god is more nothing is good having made thee under thee but not even for your grace start bluboo and Lord strengthen in my heart is rossom your grace Lord heaven and land on the minimi sinful slave of your stood on grief of the unclean remember your kingdom Lord in repentance under emilia Lord, do not leave mene, God does not seen neither in attack lord windows we think lama Lord God forbid tear and memory
  • 10:39: mortal and tender the thought of the rain god confession of sins my Lord and give mi and of chastity obedience God's sake patience generosity and the meekness of God in I'm rooting the root the good in thy fear my heart God with the likes of love theater young man it is not I who thinks and do everything in the will your lord by the time people of some and weights and passions and evaluation and now such things are Lord
  • 11:10: weight yoko create and I Later, you're driving and Thy will be done, and you are not a sinner like blessed be you eyelids amen god Jesus Christ Jesus God's for honesty's sake your mother and bodiless your angel hand and forerunner and baptist I can glagoleva same apostle of the light and good on dimensional martyr of the saints and God-bearing father and all the saints with prayers and with the baths of the present
  • 11:40: ps melting demonic and him with him and creative and even death she's a sinner too. remove these fresh leave him to rain for me appeal to the said unworthy from you to you on take and shine pity or reduce his response and god my consolation is mine and live not for the sake of cursed long the flesh is obolky of tour meet censorship and consolation wait for the shima her horse among her my heart is creating
  • 12:10: your commands and leave and crafty act and get a your bliss on Lord trusted the Lord salvation to you when honor of the mother of God but a sealed treadmill he loves the whole and the queens centuries from the pier sin and manifest themselves or yours and my god and multiple drawer aysha pockets before God you find and to and all the flutter surely the Lord hit me and almost all the spiders and waits
  • 12:40: waltz leading this my lady's mistress Theotokos my dopa ski or strengthen and and good work anapa up to 7 all to him my lady the Virgin and the Hunter hatred and evil and my deeds and all my thoughts love the law of God of my but do not see you later supreme overclocking I I hate it not. I love possessing I proceed for puschai the pure will of my commit iso undesirable is well, yes will the will of his son yours and my god
  • 13:10: home save it in Rosamet and will give grace of the holy spirit of the chaos the bed was bad performance and other would live in thy son's commandment he is right all glory is honor and power with beginningless father and holy and good and life-giving his spirit now and for ever and ever Amen benefits for the king la2 and mother and unclean blessed Mary the Virgin Mary the mercy of your son and
  • 13:40: god of our peace passionate my soul and with your prayers the growth of the world of action good on steeper and belly time of my places hand come this my paradise domracheva one will be cut off clean and blessed angel of the christ my holy custodian and patron of the soul and my body sorry or for sinning the outer day and from every wickedness and contrary to the World gods but on no account of the sin
  • 14:10: truthful to my god the home reseller excess and unworthy slave berry tuned show goodness and mercy and all holy things trinity and mother Gentlemen of my Jesus Christ and all Saints amen selected in his flax not then I Thou get rid of evil ones thankful chant tee frame your virgin, but I to the powerful we shall remember it in everyones we are free to suffer will develop joy and bride
  • 14:40: untrusted glorious everlasting mother Christ God bring our prayer to my son yours and our god us on sets my soul our all my hope the beginning of evil but I am a mother and husbands are kept under your Virgin Mary and despise the less sinner requiring your and their composition but on the topic of hope shamai arrests melamia hope my father my son's refuge
  • 15:10: a great holy spirit Trinity holy break I have lord humane Really address me player will be or what solder my soul enlighten one 7 game is due 70 will appear here to your lord my Vasya and flour endless evil do not I 'm pestering you gentlemen my god always I show and your most pure mothers they all local forces and
  • 15:41: the holy angel keeper of mine Wembo Lord Yaku not worthy of it your love for mankind but worth it all condemnation flour but Lord or I want Elena Horshchova thanks asimo right nicos visit that necklace and apple pure remembered only wreck the infusion does not ramp thy mercy but on me a sinner not thy mercy on the 7 man waking your lumia let not my
  • 16:11: your anger was not was not goodness and mercy and me too want and arranged me thing enlighten very much my Christ God yes never drows death Yes never Richard my enemy is stronger him thank his father and son and holy spirit intercessor of my soul we will already be like for each network many are spared them and thank you bliss I to the person whether to be able and now and ever and in centuries of ages amen
  • 16:42: glorious God mother of the tenth hangar holy and say again my heart Vesta theotokos Thou professing truly growth stitches on God is embodied in him lyasya ceaselessly about our souls on God will rise and will be ransacked by his and run away from his face haters as the smoke disappears before disappear I'm trying to wax from the face of fire there by added weight from a person who loves God and
  • 17:12: announcing xiao the sign of the cross and fun future blah Rejoice at the number and life-giving cross we drive the lord all and the strength on you about 5 gentlemen of ours Jesus Christ y light up right- handers masina de a value and who gave us cross you are honest and on the expulsion of every adversary on the number and life-giving cross and the gentleman helped me with the holy mistress I deliver the Virgin Mary and with all the saints in
  • 17:42: eyelids amen ambassadors of the charter God of our transgressions free and involuntary i same word in the nile and visions I'm alive days and in ours I I live in my mind all forgive us for the good and philanthropist hating and offending us, Lord humane benevolence doing good create brothers from the movie Our dearer to salvation of petition and the life of everlasting infirmities exist on the network and
  • 18:13: healing gifts and wife sea ​​council traveling with travel to employees and we are looking sweetly for sin leaving gifts for who told us unworthily pray and they are in a sweet order from my mercy remember God before deceased father and brothers ours and rest in their sight they also receive the color face from my memory Lord our brethren captured and delivered from every circumstance Lord, remember fruitful and kind
  • 18:43: making of the saints your churches and rain and we are on the rescue eternal life Lord and us humble and sinful and unworthy of your servant and enlighten our minds the light of your mind and instruct me on the path of your commandments prayers of the pure our lady the Theotokos and ever-virgins of Mary and all thy saints Thou blessed be you centuries of ages amen confess beat Lord God and
  • 19:13: the Creator in the Holy trinity to one word mom and replenish father and son and saint spirit of all my sins and same I will make them all days belly of my and for every hour and for present and the days and nights come in deed by reason ingestion and instant secret and festivities based on them dejection of laziness and the order is catching disobedience with apple any condemnation
  • 19:44: negligence self-esteem news the genre of embezzling me the truth of the verb is not foulness we want the same envy Anger is crumpled with anger and hatred and covetousness and all my feel the sight hearing and smell taste and my other sins deprived in a compartment and bodily or you my god and creator angered the neighbor I lie on my wah-oh
  • 20:14: Steer sorry for yourself to you my god I represent I have the will repent and then what good heavens my god azimi and with tears humble people the same my transgressions your mercy simple and allow All their lives, I verbs plate my as a blessing and philanthropist worthily there is an anchor truly ta theotokos and non-defensive and
  • 20:44: mother of our God honest cherub and glorious without comparison seraphim without the decay of God words born of existence theotokion tia magnify glory to father and son and the holy spirit and now for ever and ever Amen Lord have mercy Lord have mercy Lord have mercy His Eminence lord of darkness is upon you and true Christ God is our prayers and the most pure mothers of the Reverend and Our God-bearing father
  • 21:15: and all the saints pardon save us the good of man Luke