Irina Grigorenko

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  • 00:00: good good good day today I will Krech you grow the most easy way Sleeve Pattern and building doused sleeves using a palm and so we initially We shall build up the grid for sleeves and remember that the sleeve width at the us equal to the circumference Breast we divide by 3 plus 2 centimeters in Here I am 32 centimeter I breadth arugula immediately put
  • 00:32: the middle sleeve 16 cm's in that the sleeve length I case you I show short I have a long sleeve is 25 centimeters and therefore the length of the mesh is 25 centimeters of Vertically line once it Sleeves center we live denote connect and
  • 01:00: sure now we You should see head height marked and it is in our is equal to the circumference Breast we divide into 8 + 3 Here I am 14 centimeters, and here I am this point, measure 14 centimeters spend horizontal line and now I'm showing and
  • 01:33: Now I will Reveals secrets that we will use here at We had a such a rectangle it is like a foundation net and how do we very quickly and how we very quickly to build I'll round sleeves Now show your palm look I here on a palm I put flyspecked here this flyspeck
  • 02:02: I see on the palm designate flyspecked And this we will Now the middle ladoshechki now I I go up to you closer and see look carefully Here we center on ladoshechki and we put it here on Now this is what we flyspecked you identified head height there we
  • 02:31: down by 14 we centimeters point contact Now do look Now the finger at us create the top Now we set fingers as much as possible as we can until we These denote Now that's dots remove and here we but as a practical prepared but in this case, I advise you to
  • 03:00: up somewhere else per centimeter for good shrinkage here Now we are make a smooth here a round sleeves more we repeat here here here on a palm we do with flyspecked you restored But on this one center intersection We are pushing the fingers
  • 03:30: Here we see the patch should be Center put dots Here we put to you remove the dots palm and I will The Council has yet to centimeter retreat For better shrinkage cuffs and now do here this wavy line here we make concave here are convex here at our center we lifted and now look at what we tidy
  • 04:00: oval turned on We arm you with it you made the pattern on the short sleeves uno length only 25 centimeters, and here it is here we have the width equal to circle your hands are forearm and here so we have with you turned sleeve who we are bound but I tell you a secret, I just you declassified secret Way the pattern we Sleeve
  • 04:30: compare with you hand in which is made traditional empathetic way Pattern see on all measurements and here which sleeve get us to using her hands as Now make and see that he practically identical so this is the second way of sleeve Pattern