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How to stack a floor tile  See details »

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  • 00:00: how to style floor tiles second level the complexity of tile is excellent floor and wall covering which, when quality stacking ability to keep decades and save this kind of What she had just after the you repair You need to tile your choice adhesive for bonding ceramic tiles grout
  • 00:30: tic trowel plastic tray notched trowel rubber spatula rubber mallet Tile or electric cutter on the tile measuring tape building pencil pliers or core steklorez level square bucket sponge cloth Allow knee and economic gloves how to prepare surface facing
  • 01:00: surface must be smooth and clean degreased scrape off possible then roughness Vacuum and clean grease area for laying tiles using detergent attention if you You want to re oblitsevat the same tiled floor you his save and stick new tile directly on old using special glue the only thing inconvenience rise final height
  • 01:30: gender floor markings for to figure tile look symmetrically and mind as small as possible access tiles mark the floor in the following way draw a line which will be pass perpendicularly from center to the threshold the opposite walls Lay the first tentatively series along the lines of Lay a tentatively inserting a row of tiles crosses to give visual form seams equal in the outer edge
  • 02:00: the last tile and draw a second line perpendicularly first at the intersection Put two lines your first tile how to lay tile buy tiles with reserve on May 10 percent more than you need to compensate crop losses and the battle before laying check tone tiles in all the boxes take a tile from different boxes prepare adhesive following solution recommendations manufacturer apply adhesive
  • 02:30: solution to the square a little more of that which will hold styling the first row of tiles use gear spatula and smooth out the surface of attention If your tiles with a party of more than 30 centimeters apply glue on the back the tiles Lay tile in place crossing lines making sure that the tiles precisely coincide with lines Markup of this It depends on the accuracy of the all stacking pattern align the tiles lightly tapping rubber hammer
  • 03:00: mark crosses seam width corners and tiles Put a number in this way aligning height using a number line rules like Only the first row stowed work it becomes easier Then apply glue as needed when several rows laid continue laying controlling the height of the rows with via level and line rules how to cut tile for
  • 03:30: tiles along the wall to prune last tile adjacent to the wall put it on the tiles then the last row top place more one departing from one wall centimeter draw a line on which will be made the segment Put the tiles on Tile so Your line was exactly on-site cutting tool put a knife to an upper edge and pointing the gently pressing at the other end tiles
  • 04:00: the same can be done with help electric Tile curly sawing mark boundaries cut soft pencil and divided by the square part to be remove prescriber for if sawing part large Start cutting the what you can using grinding machine or Tile then complete breaking off at the edges like a pair of pliers put the skirting for In order to facilitate wet cleaning together joint truth lay
  • 04:31: plinth grouting after you have given glue dry within days fill joints grout using grater makes movement diagonally seam direction trying not to much dent in the grout seam after 15 minutes gather residues grouting using damp sponge It requires frequent washing not less than one hour wipe the tile and the area around it with
  • 05:02: a cloth if in the next 15-20 minutes there whitish coating to clean it should be used detergents tile designs floor tiles very diverse that will make your floor an exclusive and unlike others Moreover tiles very easy to laying and further leaving