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  • 00:00: Good day my favorite audience is pleased welcome you to its channel and today I want you and talk to the same you are often asked how to feed plant here Here I am surrounded by his plants sit it is certainly very a small part and I I want you share their subcortical dressings which which can be made home is not spending some it means it's all We have the house all
  • 00:31: we throw but we do not I use about this has long been I think that is home that already use and I want you share let's start perhaps often, we I throw out here there is a coffee after we cooked coffee here it's all discarded it here thick coffee grounds
  • 01:01: all very well used directly in primer for room Plants in this in this mass found a lot of nitrogen if you know a Houseplants especially after the winter it is very, very love and after you drank coffee you take and adding this is use italics
  • 01:33: I'm here in our plant Of course, I do not I add a spoon but a special device Now to show I order then we add its a little bit here friable so plants disturb friable and pour a little We try not to water was added to fill and quietly and Pour
  • 02:05: We have tried to pour watering is not much that to this one here it is our fertilizing nitrogen was distributed evenly apart the fact that this is coffee we have enriching plant nitrogen, other than that it still doing our land very very same market our tomato seedlings and even when you
  • 02:35: planting tomatoes very well It responds to the channel tomatoes are fond for the love of coffee, too this is also the same when you are planting tomatoes also add to the Feels coffee thick and will natural fertilizing the following I use three 1 week is not for everyone plants for their pets
  • 03:05: this is the usual sugar sand sugar that is necessary can be can be used sugar you immediately pour us or be diluted the sugar water and then watering the example Now this flower I I show you how then use sugar there we take tea a spoonful of sugar and gently distributed over
  • 03:36: carefully distributed throughout the surface of the flower and then we but I get sick this method is not very like so I I use a little bit another way that is we are taking to drive a add 2 teaspoons tablespoons granulated sugar and this mixture we roast plant after we we water have stirred
  • 04:06: our plants and and just following natural we fertilizer It is in regular the skins of bananas there after population of our banana How many and sc I can not throw it should be dry chop and add or at planting or when loosening ie inside bury ie and to this here how many were inside
  • 04:36: ie so dry It may be a second method better to dry and grind and have used as powder in School banana skins the bathroom is in We potassium which very, very necessary for just such and flowering plants is can be hyacinths it rose from it procedural, and here I am As others have said, or you added as powder or dilute water like sugar and has following
  • 05:06: natural fertilizer is probably too many can know not only uses while for room for new plants holiday plants garden plants it is common the shell of her after you heart you it was dried and it is possible to grind or use a rolling pin presses very well dried, we crumble to turn a piglet
  • 05:37: also may used as a Vodicka also prisypaya possible If you do not want grind to do something also you can take upper steep and and bury you a long time will rings and all that there useful for a lot of everything will be giving your ground plant as I repeat, not only but the indoor and
  • 06:07: gardens and so on and In general, I like doing when I put some I try seedlings in well put if I course thief Thing handful of these twists and riding must be It is not very common legs can not be They know this is a common toothpaste and usually the toothpowder there is and it is possible and let We start with the dentist
  • 06:37: tooth powder powder have a very good use the cold days when we plant a little more Still watering Cold water can may be draft and that's to help both time will come and dental when toothpowder fishery products are not worth a wilted leaves when problems the root system there we have to take dentifrice let's take two tablespoons Now
  • 07:07: I will not show and need wood ash wood ash it usually ash that remains after the fire You find all know and rooms will power root Now this entire system We stir the mixture to his wife and move aside and here here here land and there and there rash and then to
  • 07:43: this plant should be richly dipped after you poured this mix plant We stop for a week watered and remove dry place through week all start re now on the account toothpaste indoor plant general general the plant does not like acidic soil and so from time to long does it take them feed tooth
  • 08:13: paste is not necessary can be taking 1 liter of water and We go to them here about this much toothpaste stir this here blend this mixture we water the plants the mixture should be warm room temperature and such here's a link is very useful for just such flowering plants for Plant one tell leaves Such are the interesting in general, for all
  • 08:43: I will plant I advise to give food and roots and all that useful because toothpaste with us It is calcium there are plants are like that tubers have this a so-called popularly dollar tree and if he you have not seen in is underground such a great big a tuber similar
  • 09:13: for potatoes well, something It differs in these tubers just is all nutrients and all that useful to grow very to feed his there is a way too simple after we boiled potatoes this cooled decoction ostyvshim broth pour tuberous ones Plants that give seeds that is it turns out in this a lot of water starch and this one
  • 09:43: the collapse of the floor accumulates just these tubers it here it is similar how anyone there and it is then when it does not will miss something in the example it this plant it He beats out the window on Today I showed here May 6th methods which can of course as if what stores do not forget about it that the very stores much any doubt now fertilizers but I will
  • 10:14: He showed the most simple that you can use when for example, you decide make care of plants if the feed and just go shopping and never or not time or simply do not I would like to think it's all there are girls More More request here these 6 I know the ways and longer until I It has the experience and the more I do not know if you have some of his how girls and Boys, too, because
  • 10:44: many resent and write to me please than you that use that generally still possible apply because I do not know any more and the way you would like more said adding that I have now this my feed who do not know and there comes a video about 1 times week link to video I leave a link to I leave the channel under the video and there goes
  • 11:14: you are already home if you did not notice I have already virtually no such the same as the kitchen crafts which are blogging is all there in addition to the kitchen master classes and here so here are here video if visit subscribe and Be aware of my video all bye bye