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Bull's-eye! | Coffee Break With Dr. Pol (Season 2, Episode 10)  See details »

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  • 00:00: welcome coffee break hello all you interweb doors I have some news from the last show here we go dr. Brenda saw the Highland the cow that had a horn growing into his head she's been kind of a wild one I'm all about not being used as a bull's eye target mark that's too big so
  • 00:30: what we have to do is you put a little local around the horn and we have to saw it off with a wire done the update is the Highland the cow is doing real good of course the horns are growing out a little bit yet but she will not have the same problem again you're darn right you want to know this fast act if a cow is horns you can almost tell the age of the cow by the rings and its horns
  • 01:05: Oh finally we see an end to all the questions first question the Tristan W I have Great Danes - what do you feed yours I feed mine good quality dog food it's chicken and rice and they really do bow on it what do you do - my shoe as you can tell last question Mike s what is your favorite band the I like
  • 01:32: about the best I think I'm not singing this is a little downtime get your hair cut don't have it call up so light okay fantastic fantastic already sounds good love you after 45 years of marriage you still don't know that talking to a woman about their hair is a surefire way to
  • 02:03: hear this coffee break again the next guest that we have tonight is Jeff and he has a petting farm and right now a couple baby rabbits these are cute little bunnies hey don't drink my coffee slow down these are mini lops oh yeah now get up to 6 7 pounds if you see the wild rabbits the ears are always
  • 02:30: standing up these are hanging down that's why they call them lapiz they're just excellent excellent type of rabbit for pets yep if you want the rabbit as a pet get him young the more you handle them the better pets they make there no don't eat that I thank you very much for joining us I had a good time I hope there you did too good night