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  • 00:02: hello today I will tell you how you can knit here such crochet pattern on Actually it simple may look such a little difficult cell makes the chain of stitches imagine it in we have already done and I starting to knit height we have a series of three air hinges We do rise by 3
  • 00:30: air hinges through the two loops on attach chain Now do a column one sc and so the two air hinges the thread is pulled attach column 3 air column of the same
  • 01:00: loop through base attach two again column 3 air loop column of the same place reason to get such here and crustaceans attach when
  • 01:30: we will have the row It is clearly seen where attached to this arches again means column and between they arches columns obtained as it were staggered and vershinki couple We will attach well and the first row we to do to
  • 02:01: chain every 2 eyelet base [music] column 3 arochki column we attach vershinki previous previous arochki So easy and pretty
  • 02:30: [music]