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  • 00:07: This is the little body of appointment and ong this alone pececito Cacho of which cites head has a circuit 11 He has a radio and reported caritas then they have the eyes to what is and then little eyes I have become very
  • 00:30: very large large that I do not usually for it is so great but I know I know this is very much sunk very sunken as if you put out but are rather the eyes muñequita Jo looks seem a gamba not They are well but has gotten me a ball Mati is the mineral you this I lame necklaces seeking shines both crisis that has has a brightness spectacular and then has gotten him a
  • 01:01: puñadito of pestañita if it in one ladito because it gives you such as a face and sad to style and want to be so so good either and the face is a cove with chin which I always girls look for hair I'm going put felt it felt natural I caught a glimpse as more or less
  • 01:30: Well look for it is that the head Well look I wanted person with a harvest and is now something that you want but as a gordita and not very high because I'll put the shorter spirit this is putting it to the extent you please She pulls her mother is taking off until against the measure
  • 02:00: look this time will be well the first thing we will do will be the fringe to see if we will get you the settlement I caught him a few strips They were picked up and a beige strips is collected one is collected 2 to get well and I just put a little hands a little cream cream then I caught it and made
  • 02:32: a roll so I've taken the other rollito and I doing this and here also I collected 1 and I by the appetite once this piece here and fail I'll get another piece of Bangs and also it does well be best hits
  • 03:01: Well look at the bangs I'll put as much I think with 44 flequitos did not want to stay well well I think it is so well in sequillo nice here we will see how to make and
  • 03:36: liliana lopez pretty healthy to me love let's put the silicone and then milestone water and flat moss dip fingers and nothing is perfect
  • 04:03: Tuquito great eliana I'll do peluquitas waves ever since it remove from now serious as gives this quite well received and already We took our well marked it is what we will do we will be
  • 04:30: so I'm going to put here said the head uu so I said you have to see when When not know what colder meanwhile a chill but we have repeat
  • 05:12: yes bush cans
  • 06:22: good look at how the beanbag is has been extremely well with the
  • 06:30: rites this is so we have done is it seems more like a witch Well this I'm going to stick to who He gave me to see me I will get the Cacho hair but longer than I actually done anything good hair in fact good but a little long look and now is simply to remove the
  • 07:02: This piece was within him we have put in horche not use it much to sew but being but the machine barceló and good as me going me Wonder clear personality rather than another thing We will not cut recess and now I we have a super look peluquita
  • 07:33: super precious so let's see where this face and now has put the fbi gave all the credit the look will stick which is here one cuentita silicone and let's get a little to the inside beanbag A) Yes
  • 08:02: and now a little bit here and beyond hat Needless to say you holy peluquita as you remove it look more Nice has been going to hit one little here but just we put a drop and extend so
  • 08:33: not much silicone note here we do the same we take a drop and extend it with the tip and quickly We hit a ball made long I will not get here a little bit the machine because if it is not me I will drag too much hair and hanging
  • 09:04: look I put a little bit of sky Here 's another little here worth and Now just what happened to machine is sewn super perfect Look what a beautiful face that has left to say it has been in past and then the little hair that we can and put it as we want
  • 09:34: and our past so look what easiest way to put hair on it felt This natural filter filter so Well I hope you liked it This is very easy to do and entourage can also put sitges or I tell you that so
  • 10:00: and good the next video as we go to make gorrito that I have it so I half to get here so that good until the next video and I hope you liked it and if good for nothing because what you I'll tell you subscribe to the channel JCE share it so that the channel continues growing and to keep doing it muñequitas put so for nothing
  • 10:31: as a peck hearts and to next video bad