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  • 00:04: Today we fly crosses this We design all practically introduced Alia selinux with his detailed master class photo master class in margarita lot products with using this pattern and a lot of it subtleties of nuance us He opened shared but as we our goal is to collect Online maximum video
  • 00:30: workshops in including on the patterns Still, we decided to and a capture pattern because he gaining greater number popularity gets popularity and I want to make it easier people work will agree yet video master class easier learning so that girl thank you longer continue your theme poured two rows Now rope We go out on the cross tic is very convenient weave covering just two
  • 01:00: ducts here they have been two in the work we are now their align and they have we will say so the main duct tube base that we will braid crosses and so to Christie kia start one thrust tube here are some of the second tubule Top here we will go a place this then we cut off and even I try to
  • 01:30: the first time can be it will be possible to glue Now I try not to glue, and so ducts I am looking for some basic I'm looking for some tube a second tube and the crosses will forming over it long 1 tube 1 and our task start here this white tube for the second
  • 02:00: tubule there is now the basis of take the lower Put the bottom over here it is easier all cross our 1 formed a tube hug on top again dressed with our ducts for the main crosses based not for the next, and Again we start with upper order
  • 02:31: that all we rovnenkie were tic start with always top and dressed we start You see it on the second and a third of the previous pattern have now take in lower job from the bottom easier external drive on will have the top main tubes we embrace the following
  • 03:00: Rack and dressed our here these tubes the foundations for so so so so we It was the next one again at us from above and below little white stick forming a cross little can flatten on 1 and under unscrewing a second major
  • 03:30: lightly crushed that there are no large holes on the bottom place again I try without words you to order
  • 04:03: to look along the they do not work overturn whether by vish parallel the main duct here of course the longer the tube less than their the easier it is to increase but also weave basically extensions It is not a problem first top
  • 04:34: We lined trimmed lower cancel formation so I keep up end of the series so we propleli number and further already possible fineness deviation variants means if we want to get here is a pattern where crosses are solid like rows at each other
  • 05:00: so he continued weave crosses transition occurs itself so we just keep work and then there's this time if we have an even number Now chair of the noughts placed one on pal if an odd number of counters they are displaced and
  • 05:30: form also is very interesting but a kind of pattern Unfortunately I do not have to at hand casket chest we went to the fair even more interesting as the I think a perhaps more options and here are a number of woven two rows between them rope here ordinary rope look see Usually there is a number of I accept feedback that's poison here even the number of crosses to each other short distance
  • 06:00: from each other here we too can play with options so we continue to weave first row propletaem straight rope second row and back just finish the end for symmetry can be make straight rope reverse
  • 06:30: rope and the last series rope 3 tubes it will be look symmetrically beginning and end of work now bears the nuances First we have They say tic can be arranged one above the other can located in is staggered times in the second main tubes Here is the basics crosses can serve one tube Here I Two ducts may February 1 be three tubes
  • 07:00: then cross our will be even more a high one tube will need to be substitute even when the beginning of the weaving Well, in general it is all about the nuances So we have 4 rows crosses finishing we are here as well as started ie here you can trim and then glue
  • 07:32: our crosses and those tubes we started weaving Now they have the same and finish turning the usual rope Here is the crosses woven to an even number stoechek continuous rows here So rows between them rope and tied That's how dad saw crosses woven
  • 08:01: on the odd number of counters