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  • 00:04: hello today we have a new kind of weaving calico we already know rope know spiral today tea bird that's all these products it unites cotton weaving even clogs classical from classical the middle part of the have done one straw on here
  • 00:30: but the two tubes too, in a certain combination is already here two tubes through the same classic scared the two tubes there are 1 under one of the Well, so this is now very interesting exhibit is the most It is the first product I have done
  • 01:00: more than two years but lives and perform their function keeps the spirit mouth sun break terrible Mr. valuable because the first and here I have done a small basket simulator that on and Today we will also which weave I try to combine cotton weaving in its different decorative options now
  • 01:31: these are going to do poultry netting like rule applies between rows of netting why rope because they perform it can be in the form of that the product is strictly clung to form another pretty hard with her cope another important weaving condition it to thee and It runs on an odd number tubes strikes us
  • 02:02: the bottom when we We carry tone as a typically consists of even number so in order to continue on poultry I weave or grown on tubule or put away where they are close to each other contact and so I did transition from rope
  • 02:32: Founded in sight weave me tubule other tube color and begin to weave rope Aizen looking for some of those birds and money for laying one in front of one of the small stands before small stands nastoechku
  • 03:00: sawing small stands 7 pretty simple I'm building up that continue to number stoechek in we are attracted to is pattern displacement
  • 03:30: and continue as the right amount of us series so is the house simple cotton weaving and Here he became acquainted I now separated another part Product that is the pattern still separated rope 4 rolls and now I want to show one more option decorative option this special weaving here please attention this time I Now I leave this here Oshibochka and make allocated ugly
  • 04:01: then you need to rope It was to finish all the same yellow as the oak Style is already in most last I hide our Christmas trees I put brown a tube which we We will continue even weave and hide it for stitching it here that's neat completion and continuation of this as it will seek well that the is the next option we weave under two
  • 04:31: We set up small stands our working tube and over the following under two on and you are here on the run young
  • 05:03: increased their vile so we continue to We see that Compared with the usual cotton weaving this is now weaving offset it has the interesting picture a scar he displaced and another version of the same cotton weaving it means the previous
  • 05:30: we wound up on the case One and a Two following but here we will do on the contrary will wind on top of the two working so two tubes Here the base and under the The following 2 here exchange the amount we
  • 06:00: recalls not an even and more aliquant three shields and so on 2 Now 1 And so it goes then we will see that we will so we today reviewed networking opportunities weaving and again here
  • 06:32: Here is a look weaving rope usually and it is customary cotton weaving is two tubes is one tube so now an option axis integer plaiting Usually it is at on one tube for two
  • 07:01: following one under The following two here a thin handles get this 2 embodiment are similar 2 Fold over such thick scars I turned here and here different color variant almost it's just the same We looked at three option on the actually they are many maybe if we take any straw will
  • 07:30: weave and two by two tubes of color First embodiment Here, for example sample tubes mystery one color usual cotton weaving You can weave two tubes the same options here at I had attempted it a bit unfortunate and not immediately but showed look here Danube tube 2
  • 08:00: under one to two similar but these tubes, we can take one of color Other Other that is, it will be even one option cotton weaving in two tubes that is then from then on connected fantasy and opportunity options just boundless desire good luck to all