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Fiori in pasta di zucchero: orchidee (Parte 2 di 2) - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:05: instead of what I'm going to do I need text 3 trippen italy icchè I have to dress a little different are in fact more closely you have a little bit and edges but the process is always to always circles the wire
  • 00:32: then let nature esseti I sometimes these boards months to make the cov amounts are fine then disassemble flower and then I scu together with a ribbon this tape because I used for these types of flowers I then also put inside the second
  • 01:22: with text
  • 01:41: so also the fourth and fifth Use of the dye powder snow for indoor Food Flax course and color a little 'this center eeeeeee I'd look for interiors
  • 02:01: then also use the guesthouse for foreign sides petals and then I end use of off
  • 02:52: for example the center the dye in red dust with a little drop of alcohol
  • 03:02: then it is a color a little 'policy you are strong in and to make the internal dots using a brush or a tip the small
  • 03:40: this thing to do with each other scythe warns internal use Also in powder I try to study a little bit do not smoke a little
  • 04:03: el mousameh recipes again it dye food powder with an alcohol goccino pushed back to make the dots uses the brush with the small tip