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How to sew a button on a blouse what it long would keep  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day to you Elena Kolesnichenko continue our lesson topic today our lesson, you do not believe we sew button is we have many women I both faced it simply sew it is their wrong and therefore they have quickly fall off so I want to to share with you how I do it if someone knows may his shoulder right anyone interested invite you to
  • 00:30: Master Class Well, imagine that this edge of our some Muzychka is our scheduled. where we are sew on buttons let's begin with strings strings need to take reinforced 35 non-firmware blouse that buttons no x Baska because in hebeshka you after a few washings may simply fall apart
  • 01:01: tying strong uzelochek two times three that he was a strong and from the front products do 2 thorough zaklepochki what with face to you all icons was not no nodules that It was beautiful uzelochek hide under our and here are three buttons of times 2-3 times do first tack what is done in order to
  • 01:30: increase the supply of pressing strength our audience so we after fasten glasses see how it Kripen'ka held Tony. then take and buttons of stringing note that thread in my one coat the house without up to what and it begins sew and so not much tighten if You can jacket
  • 02:00: even a couple of matches but put a soup become something thin blouse just no overtighten and sew injected at one and the same place in order to know We had a little dashes to avoid He was such a lot stitches and ugly not sew
  • 02:34: dragging a thread After you make pretty adequate the number of stitches about how you bend buttons of and do good tack tack should do for one or two strings are not more because
  • 03:00: if you milk grab the knot at You will have a very fragile and parcels pair overwrite it can just take untied and one thread You do Fasten achivku uzelochek tightening and good times so four per thread and take tighten the fact that if you do a lot of birch thread will uzelochek weak and he discharged in one
  • 03:30: thread it well delayed and then very clings so way sewn only on bluzochki sheepskin coat the other things I will then I tell you how it is done otherwise I will not thin bluzochki there on here and so enough three or four fold good good secure and when all prune thread Leave three miles metric on the set that was tight knot
  • 04:00: that she lost not undone Well, that's something like all the best to you Alena Kravchenko was