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  • 00:00: 77 good afternoon distinguished colleagues professionals and lovers of beautiful nails today i want announce the beginning a new rubric question-answer column that is, your questions and my answers are direct ether this mode of communication with you came the idea of that some your questions in
  • 00:30: comments, I just technically can not give answers by writing a but that's enough a three-dimensional theme can be a lot information that ready just in two words can not be described so in order more fully disclose your questions to give more clearly to their answers I decided to open here such a rubric on your channel therefore you can send their questions under any video that
  • 01:02: there is on the channel with a little question then have before write your question solve a question so that I do not administrator Horn did not sit not chose those questions or typed which we like for example in our opinion so that you understand that this is exactly the one on which you are waiting the answer is direct ether these issues will be gather for two weeks that is, from one video until the next response video will be
  • 01:33: take two weeks we will collect group the same questions we we will add maybe they will echo what is enough often well and if you do not see that I should declare for example who asked this question then write On the floor, it's not that I do not announced the nickname for subscribed to channel if not the difference is absolutely I will be read out the name master and his question
  • 02:03: and accordingly as the I've been waddling for years warn about that stupid questions there is no more masters professionals if you are interested in some small nuance or some subtlety which you do not I can not do it on which you are nowhere can find the answer you do not be shy please write ask if I competent in this question if I know on his answer then I of course, to him I will answer
  • 02:33: so do not think about that I will ask are they stupid will think that I do it is unclear where did not learn anything I do not know anything I know what Among us with you quite a lot self-taught many girls who learn something by themselves radiant through internet through channels youtube which is not present opportunities to pass professional training so I always ready to help answer all your
  • 03:03: any questions are always at your service so I need that such a heading appeared I think that it will flourish what will we have with what do you talk about and the principle probably it 's a little bit more and the fact that it did not work out has not yet developed We have an online I can not train in online give you some tips recommendations spend some learning so here in this category I think
  • 03:33: what are we with you let's talk and you get more accurate more voluminous information on their questions of interest I wish everyone good luck and Have a good mood bye Bye