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Jewelry from cords. (Decoration of the cords.) - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: all set in a jiffy will be the evening when add to it spectacular decoration from I have a lot jewelry has always I try them began for any occasion especially it concerns New Year's first Draw a sketch of the necklace then cut form and transfer it to the skin why do you need the skin why have painted yes bitch zhenish prive again our decorations because of
  • 00:30: skin because it does not aphids and misses It would be great to keep form now you can do decorations take decorative cord twists it loops and anchoring pin ends enter upstairs and Now we will stick our leather loops but the main thing that the door transparent so as not to it was clear no quick spots take up a stitch lubricate it with glue and again makes fun
  • 01:00: later thereby sizing all necklace left to decorate blank beads in the center of each loop We make a pillow of glue and pour colored beads Necklace of cut the contour of the center glue large stone as Satin drawstrings tape ship neckline and would Beauty wow
  • 01:30: jewelry on cable a piece of leather and beads only one decoration and even a black T-shirt it looks like evening dress Anastasia sizaya Vladimir bunt first channel