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  • 00:00: let's do soap new recipe without borax means here will be ordinary baking soda and will that the calcined soda night will be help and this is soap we will have here such a soap I bought imkon shift glycerol glycerine soap now we will
  • 00:31: rub and then Let's show what we do we will do 2 above we make a lot of soap here are two pieces of soap they each soap post each soap on 113 gram and then show how much water do I have there is an assistant therefore now we have business will quickly go until quickly we will make ups Delicious forging sleep in Russian to speak
  • 01:02: in English is not they say that it smells delicious but well, she says it smells deliciously very tasty so soap well let's rim cheshire like playing more so for at terochku it will be all Hellas we are given the there is a small nu-ka but also to mothers Wait will be good kerry yes should be done
  • 01:35: carefully should have been before on I did few with such hand made soap was with soap here it is listed here what's in it baptismal soap due to
  • 02:06: from this of coconut coconut it says here coconut oil treats so in short, I she made me absolutely not it turned out generally general on this video just now doing it's been a week since I left told someone wrote that they will video they put here I made of it soap at me she simply became soapy water
  • 02:37: nothing more is she with it should be you need to become this is how it is should be here so you give me a little bit left so we now we 'll do it did not need left cayenne soap Well, well , I have has become then here we have this it turned out to be a box take it with water and I brought so ulala now 3 liter and still possible
  • 03:08: add and unfolded so far and this is a bank for rinse aid me then the kernel which have We will have here in English it is written here almost me signs for 5 gallons will have to translate how much this so even a little less shorter is obtained and you can six seconds
  • 03:38: half means five and a half liters Water here and two pieces soap where Russian spoke Russian leads soap two pieces each for 113, that is 226 grams five half a liter of water now we will deliver it's on fire when soap will dissolve we we will add calcined soda and baking soda and
  • 04:08: Here is our soap begins dissolve I will say two more times a piece of soap from me for happens 226 grams soap 5 here 5 half a liter of water dissolve soap I plan to grate ordinary grater and now dissolved in then we will add this more a little on fire
  • 04:38: we will support and add more water all Our business is so I take this is 1 cup and American 8 ansys this turns out to be 236 gram 236 grams you can roughly speaking 250 grams take a glass and little by little 1 I'm quietly because
  • 05:09: that once I like babahnulo she is like foam rose and was there the tale ate it all this I had a fire on average fire now made less needed generally so small the method will go by numbers therefore it was on fives now on three electrical that's quiet calcined Soda shows that soapy one
  • 05:41: now 2 2 2 talking like. already I put the proposal on Russian means 2 2 cups calcined soda stir it already can be seen that she immediately becomes gel the arc stops was first like soapy water now she is
  • 06:11: I feel what I need stir the fire keeps feebly this is what the term is immediately visible yes that's what she is like this becomes like gelatin color is now we do the same most with ordinary baking soda 2 cups Here are 1-plus plus also need
  • 06:45: carefully she van starts it I'm stirring foaming here immediately seen that she is becoming still tugovato and me in any case, the form even when I do not know how is it transmitted to cell here is 1 1 cup of food
  • 07:16: soda now another add more and more nothing is there and then I still add water to I will get somewhere all together I have it will be about 13 liters here I already have Five and a half there are liters and then I I will add a lot to stir the bucket it's because it's highly concentrated very little only foam always
  • 07:48: Here such will be a little bit and then you can take it off now I'm barely this I will stop and hold on fire to make it good well dissolved into month and mixed up and together well here in principle and all now I'll pour out the soap still hot core everything dissolved OK everything dissolved
  • 08:23: now means so measure will measure so in the past so I've always been hard eye and never he was not doing nalyu warm water first first the first part zalyu warm and then cold generally they say when soap make set leaves leave soap on night and then
  • 08:53: diluted with water but I immediately dilute means here five and a half liters of soap whole this bucket of me 18 liters main hot water puppet I poured somewhere else 5 liters can be five half we will say that here roughly speaking here already we have 11 liters and
  • 09:23: add as many more for and all in the past recipe when I did my business together with barxan from me lots of asked where the Burak assemblies where the borex take but she's here he sold in shops usually everywhere but when I interfere with soap tomorrow it will be like gel as gel such a tight hand always there their stuffed and prevented so and then because mine is sphaala or how she
  • 09:54: she is called among nipam she is somewhere she not that but while it's hot and I do not want from above no I'll take off the foam later. of course you can it's easy even now with your hand on top and To remove or take off here and on Here she washed it when will start to cool down anong here it is already clear that she begins to foam even begins to become very well here it is what it is
  • 10:25: not so will pattaya tomorrow I'll show you the gel consistency there was all gelatin and there is an assistant 8 am not on stirred stir Here's the one here we get agitated carefully one thing
  • 10:57: this stiffens here so here's the scotch and then I stir everything well and everything spilled out now on bottles and here's the end result I got these bank these bottles by three liters of 6 liters this almost 4 meters 10
  • 11:27: 14 and there are still a little bit I'll score here here and everything for washing for fine washing take a glass will be but it turns out to say 200 for full washing I I take a little more cups
  • 11:57: you can take half a cup for the magician Sergi whole glass or one and a half glasses for a large such washing and all that our soap in the home conditions