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  • 00:00: hello friends today we are going to do card which It called magic otvetka I found in Internet chat novice saw video but I decided to repeat I saw Russian no such lessons why you decided at the same time tell me like too make a greeting card for him to build us you need paper You can take on second decorative paper can take I can monophonic It took just such a two-way beautiful vocals the size of the rectangle I have 18 to 11 half
  • 00:30: we centimeters do next fold line one centimeter from edges then 8 centimeters and then again and 8 centimeters we still have small spoon, too one centimeter then I cut here is the window in which I still 5 eight centimeters and a half centimeters of the window This cut is very we just simply you need to take and withdraw from you all fold line half centimeter one and a half centimeters from the This fold line
  • 01:00: top and bottom half a centimeter and Now this is now next fold line also half centimeter days and at draw a line and we obtained rectangle we cut to the a knife or scissors as anyone more comfortable then we still useful two sheets paper of the same color paper size must be 8 to 12 centimeters but I a little bit the smaller it is not so scary but better take a paper one size of 8 to 12 centimeters we take one of these sheets and
  • 01:30: stamping on it image I use today Images hedgehog from the collection tanks on the tag on it black here hedgehogs on birthday we use it but to this hedgehog we use it properly we stamp We put it inside our future postcards is aligned to the bottom edge, as if not all the side save up for it a little bit bad closes therefore better millimeter cut them
  • 02:00: to card straight well placed inside greeting to I was more comfortable I have this storm fasten paper from below stretch your clips so will be more convenient to me that sometimes I am open to stamping will use black chili laminin voice color takes it all like We put the start stamp his mace ink and
  • 02:31: own business print there for us was needed to friendly to participate then we remove postcard and we shall we do with you will this hedgehog with paint using pencils watercolor still not very good I paint the general I draw here just to package drawn an example of how you can colorize these I actually hedgehogs will this navigate the more then just here Hedgehog ball we just ten painted
  • 03:01: so I say that we are here we modify because you can using black pencil to finish something that I did not before printed and actually it fix the problem fact that I is something even printed here I have prepared a paper to check the color pencils fit he did not or not Now we will mix
  • 04:03: using pencils here is a brush in the world dispenser with water to dilute the already mix paint impose film
  • 04:56: find and then We use the same most ink and the same is the need to strain put on this film the same image thing that we painted but need I pay him well I tried poorly translated as Now, this film does not calculating hard work I tried everything all their ink so I just picked up a pen Insert liner and the hare I will handle scald It is not about had printed some moments whom You even way make just
  • 05:27: black outline our the die here such a clear path I He won the main wait until we all well dried otherwise can spoil Now we take our blank for cards and this one a second sheet which We did not do anything that I just slightly smaller we need to put a it just clearly in adjusting the card along the bottom edge and close the edge of the fold and Now paste this bending part straight to ss krema Do not attach the new itself as a leaf cell, we
  • 05:57: only glue Now this side occupies part of It can be a good all smooth rod 2 folds as you this one is more convenient eternal top piece we need cut so that we Everything was on a par with me a postcard and we I do not really need I carved on error so we take it our hedgehogs painted and tracing which they painted to make as we need sticking double sided tape on the
  • 06:27: on the upper part Ball bodies hedgehog but we you need to paste it so that it was very the little that is somewhere in millimeter 3 Scotch tape is not needed More then understand Why is shorter than the less is more better so I'm so I stick it on the edge and simply unnecessary scissors and cut off the what do we do next we apply film circuit hedgehog so that it matches contour on from painted and hedgehog properly
  • 06:57: glue it on Scotch extra film we just cut to the using scissors or a using a knife as you convenient Now we are a wee bit cat decoration we take the window I I take the yellow ink in order to flatten slightly here it is the window to she is did their cut edges are not strong throw or paid by a Here such a & w knife cool and I cut out the same paper
  • 07:29: we have drawn Here's a banner and I have an inscription birthday kleber hotel of the same on which we pride I used hedgehogs I take this time purple ink as we have with the hedgehog blue ball, I want to add lilac sign bit color dense we need picture with we painted Lyoshka We put the name of this and stock exchange picture we put the film on
  • 07:59: translation white like not shaded a team like this manner and then be but the tip of the glue cut out box of Paper two centimeters wide and 10 meters, and 8 length and folds and do it in half as if such a cap for these our cards to hide tape that we glued two pieces and now we need to it is very important how
  • 08:30: Now paste this part as you see I already caused double sided tape we need this here bending part glue for film Here is another the bending part there is here and so we bends inward film and glue Here are two of the lo I'll show you But actually we do and stuck with us happened here such Here design and now we need to particularly put her our image hedgehogs, we mean one
  • 09:00: the image must be hidden behind beige paper and the second image we introduce mobile paper if you have it we have a tracing to carry forward paper here so here pieced together all we first image black and When we pull it turns out color can top Here we note seredinka take out our card I install here here brown grommet can also paste blue
  • 09:31: ribbon that comes to us them ball and in our inscriptions singe egg lighter edge all very easy to simply miss one side back 2 next and we get to you Here's a card I written a day Born from above beautiful flazhochek you him and pull hedgehog is painted and it becomes colored Here is such a the magic card I hope you I would like very pleased to see Your variations on a theme Cards like these
  • 10:01: you can decorate the window which dies to paint and how to paint and I very interesting send your work to my group write questions if something left incomprehensible hope you liked it video let me know if you please everyone bye bye see you with you again soon