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  • 00:05: today we potatoes in Korean for body potatoes we take 3 garlic cloves 1 teaspoon ground coriander one sharp Red pepper I will cook potatoes in three liters of water which I at once even before start tele potatoes supplied bask in the 3 liter water we take 3 tablespoons and a glass slide salt 200 milliliters of vinegar
  • 00:30: vinegar when love Korean salad potatoes should be cut into thin fine solo just so I throne of principle cut from the fact that No such problems here salt have got potatoes
  • 01:01: very quickly darkens so while boiling we have water, we it wash underneath running cold water and fill cold water until Nina until it boils our water we potatoes drunk washed cold water and filled the same cold water here she began again, this white without black spots until it wait let's behind this time that boil water us We need to prepare Red hot pepper It can be taken immediately young and I prefer
  • 01:30: I like this when large pieces caught degree course sharpness as always regulates the to what extent we thoroughly choose sharp Seeds of pepper than over the seed naturally sharper chopped pepper and Garlic Garlic can be
  • 02:00: pass through chesnokodavku rub on a grater again I then here I prefer Such are the pieces less often I had I think that terrible enough the water began to boil, we have We can be added here cup of vinegar vinegar 9 add interest
  • 02:30: salt 3 tablespoons and pass around When the boil we all boil you can start cooking potatoes potatoes in We have many so cook for her parties and cook all the heat to could easily get it out each batch of brew 3 minutes we cooked potatoes Three minutes from potatoes
  • 03:01: We can not say that completely cooked it a little more crisp part of the vinegar Now we have to rinsed under cold running water in First then potatoes instantly I stopped and brewed to remove I once starch We wash it under I'm here with water prepared and strainer while it's in this mesh
  • 03:32: until cooked next party with this fact should merge completely water until cooked us the last batch potatoes is time put warm up vegetable oil vegetable oil I need somewhere to gram 100 milliliters heat his hand yes Dan to the last part we also decant all excess moisture peppered with remains only fill potatoes straight from the top
  • 04:02: put the ground coriander again from above whole pepper can add black pepper if you enough salt certainly can and get right on Now that's a hill pour oil on top naturally
  • 04:30: mix and how to always Garlic has not changed a stain on unpleasantly greenish color of his add after as added the hot oil It has the latest add garlic besides all stir and at least for a couple of a watch should be removed in refrigerator for to the present and our salad ready Bon Appetit