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  • 00:00: [music] great is the next release of the top 5 as you think from what every year dies The greatest number of people from wars from car crashes as if not so today we let's talk about what people in developed countries thanks to modern medicine gradually began to forget about the epidemics infectious diseases caused enormous damage to people For millennia, they destroyed whole nations played a decisive role in the course of history and took so much life is nothing
  • 00:30: compared with the first two World War seem innocuous children's games and so the five most terrible epidemics in the history of humanity [music] opening the top malaria is far from being A newcomer in the world of epidemics and on human health began more than 4000 years ago even then doctors managed to conduct a vital link between disease and stagnant water in which
  • 01:01: mosquitoes multiply the causative agents of malaria are four species of goat germs when infected mosquito bites the person he carries in his body is infected as soon as a virus it turns out in the blood it starts multiply inside red blood cells cells thereby destroying them in the present the time each year from malaria dies about 3 million people 85 90 percent cases of infection are Naryn afrika to the south of sugar overwhelming most are infected children aged
  • 01:32: before pixy years, mortality is expected will double in the next 20 years and all because methods of combating mosquitoes are not particularly effective and yes vaccine against malaria today is simply no to famous personalities who died from this disease are alexander Macedonian Genghis Khan Christopher Columbus Italian Michelangelo artist Saint Augustine has at least five more Roman popes and many others on the fourth black death plague pandemic
  • 02:06: which in 1348 killed half population of Europe and also destroyed part of China and India is a disease broken many cities affected global trade and society policies in total from the black death of 20 years killed more than 60 million people pandemic showed a full the helplessness of medieval medicine and impotence of religious institutions to combat plague resulted in a revival
  • 02:37: pagan cults and superstitions as well as a surge of religious fanaticism and religious intolerance plague were blocks parasitizing on rodents black death left a colossal trace in the history of Europe leaving a mark on the economy psychology culture and even genetic composition of the population by the way this disease before can still be found in the poorest regions of the world densely populated by rats modern medicine makes it easy cure diseases in the early stages
  • 03:08: therefore the threat of death is much lower [music] what do you think is the worst thing the event occurred in the first half of the twentieth century killed the greatest number of persons World War II, the second world war then not only a few people today from youth knows about it but most the terrible events of the beginning of the twentieth century became the Spanish flu or it is also called
  • 03:38: Spaniard has become the most massive pandemic influenza in the history of mankind as a by the number of infected deaths of the a year and a half from this scourge perished about 100 million people are not you misinterpreted that five percent of the population land at that time was not enough people for funeral work and nothing was burying Died disease appeared in 1918 when the world watched as the first world The war was coming to an end but it was asked
  • 04:10: than this mushroom was different from usual on in fact it was not a typical flu it there was a new strain of the virus h1 n1 scientists suspect that the disease has migrated with a bird per person in west america shortly before the outbreak, massive transportation of soldiers and products feeding the end of the First World War allowed the viruses to quickly organize a pandemic and get to other countries and continents around the world immune people the system was not ready yet new virus, just like the Aztecs do not
  • 04:41: were ready for the arrival of smallpox in the 1500s years later against the background of the fact that in Spain fungus killed more than eight million people the disease was called the Spanish flu worst of all was young sick people with strong developed immunity, they died quickest often the day after infection sounds a little illogical and is asked how is this possible and the fact is that getting into a healthy body virus caused cytokines and curtains it potentially lethal
  • 05:12: the reaction of the immune system is is uncontrolled and not bearing protective function of cytokine activation immune cells in the inflammatory focus and liberation cytokines due to the presence of a direct the connection between these processes is vicious circle closes, which leads to a rapid destruction of inflammatory lung tissue and filling them with liquid as a result what the patient chokes on his own you live this blood for ailment UAH always
  • 05:44: but why do the strongest die but most funny in this whole story is then why the virus suddenly stopped killing people 18 months after the outbreak epidemics and the whole point is that the flu every year mutated and this time it mutated into safer for humans in the form [music] The second place is occupied by Justinian in the plague for the first time in the history of recorded The global pandemic of plague emerged during the
  • 06:15: reign of the Byzantine emperor Justinian 1 virus captured the entire territory of the civilized world at the active phase of the plague was 540 five hundred and forty-first year, but Constantinople epidemic reached its apogee in 544 when daily died to 5000 person and in some days mortality reached 10,000 victims of the plague east was about 100 million a man died forty percent
  • 06:45: the population of Constantinople in Europe epidemics killed 25 million century and finally the most terrible epidemic in the history of mankind is an outbreak Smallpox is highly contagious a viral infection that has been widely distributed throughout the globe it was brought by Europeans in america and since the immunity of local was not ready for such a
  • 07:15: Of the 100 million Native Americans in living only 5-10 percent of that served as a stimulus for the seizure of America Europeans, but in Europe itself in the midst of disease died more than a half million a person a year by the way, it's just smallpox must create the world's first vaccine the fact is that in the English army the incidence of cavalry was significantly lower than in the infantry and much less it was the milkmaids that remarked an English doctor Edward Jena who came to the conclusion that if
  • 07:46: to survive a weaker cowpox then immunity to more strong natural smallpox thanks to this insight for today day, smallpox it was liquidated only in the 20th century the virus managed to kill about 500 million unconditional winner in our top [music] here's the case, insert the likes
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