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  • 00:00: great you look next issue of the top 5 and now we are again we shall plunge into the past switzerland jan jan bo belle revered that for the last five half a thousand years humanity is peaceful lived about two hundred ninety-two years actually history humanity is history of wars and now we will remember the most bloody ones opening the top The civil war in
  • 00:31: China 8th century AD in the era of the Tang Dynasty world historiography is called they are tearing up for this was the name of the leader the uprising of Chinese commander with where seek from the Russian of origin seven hundred fifty the fifth year they are lushan rebelled and next year proclaimed himself emperor of the new they are a dynasty and although as early as seven hundred fifty-seventh poor old man was killed his trusted eunuch pacify managed only to February 763 number of victims
  • 01:02: shocking imagination by himself a small account was lost 13 million people a if you believe it pessimistic and admit that population of China decreased at that time by 36 million I have to admit that rebellion they lushan I reduced the world population by 15 excess interest in In this case, if count by number victims it was the largest armed conflict in the whole history humanity up to before World War II the war fourth among
  • 01:35: most bloody conflicts World War I the reason that served Sarajevo the murder of June 28, 1914 year of the Austrian the Archduke of France Ferdinand to the 19-year-old Serbian terrorist from this day until Armistice 11 November 1918 year of death by modest standard 15 million people If you there will be a number 65 million or 115 do not get scared at him included more and all
  • 02:05: died of Spanish the most popular pandemics flu in history of humanity eruptive World of this disease I I tell in detail in this video The massive epidemics in history click on this the window to watch well, in addition to the mass the first world war one way or another influenced the liquidation of as many as 4 empires of Russia Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian in third place
  • 02:36: again china what not surprising country inhabited so here in times empire of chin occurred bloody Taiping Rebellion which took the lives of the most modest calculations of 20 million man and by indiscreet to 100 million uprising which began in 1850 in fact it was peasant war disenfranchised Christians the Chinese rose against the Manchu dynasty of chin targets were the most that neither there is good to overthrow Manchu drive away
  • 03:06: of foreign colonialists and create a kingdom freedom and equality the insurrection took the lead con sus one decided that he younger brother of jesus Christ but in a Christian way there is mercifully not it turned out that Pinsk kingdom in southern china created a its population reached 30 million people the wars got mixed up foreign the state began uprising in others parts of the empire who succeeded suppress only in 1864 year it's only at
  • 03:36: support of the British and the French you will laugh but second place again, china and again the Qing dynasty on this times of the conquest power from 1616 to 1662 25 million victims or almost five percent inhabitants of the planet is the price of building an empire founded in 1616 major clan a and sengara in the territory
  • 04:07: Manchuria, that is the present north-eastern China for less than three decades under its power was all china part of Mongolia and a big piece Middle Asia Chinese empire mines Weakened and fell under blows of Belyakova pure state dance halls bloodstained stayed a long time empire was destroyed Xinhai revolution in 1912 Well, the worst
  • 04:38: records holds the second world war it and itself and bloody total number of victims Caution is estimated at 40 millions of them carefully and completely 72 she and most destructive common damage to all belligerents countries came material to lose one's heart previous battle together taken is considered equal to one and a half or even two trillion dollars this war and the most if you can put it this way world in it in that or some other form 62 states of 73
  • 05:09: existing in that moment on the planet or 80 percent of the population the war was on earth in heaven and sea fighting were conducted on three continents and waters four oceans this was the only one this time the conflict in which was nuclear weapons that makes the second world absolute winner in our in top this is the case put a husky
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