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  • 00:00: great you look channel top 5 and walked a dozen now we learn about the 10 most common Conspiracy theories here for many years disturbing minds millions of people let's go oil conspiracy according to this theory owners of the largest oil companies keep development an alternative energy allowing energy revolution conspiracy theorists believe that it is oil workers is to blame for the fact that we still not we use cheap unlimited and biologically pure many conspiracy theorists argue that moon landing
  • 00:30: Apollo was falsified and other involved organizations some rude people spread some historical stories stating that astronauts Apollo is not landed on the moon and that Nasa continues hide it supporters of the lunar deceit dedicate significant share their efforts research photos of us they point to various problems with allegedly made on the moon there is a version that manufacturers software ensuring the deliberately release More and more demanding computer resources products so that support the demand for
  • 01:00: costly accessories rational explanation of the phenomenon is that in conditions of rapid cheaper hardware computer resources are even bad written programs find the demand therefore the manufacturer more profitable does not care on optimizing a shorten terms development by the way supporters of another popular computer conspiracy claims that manufacturers antivirus software produce viruses and to support demand for their products by analogy with antivirus software is theory that pharmaceutical the company intends to promotes dissemination illness and they intend to produce
  • 01:31: for real effective medicines against these diseases the main objective profit from sale of medicines also some conspiracy theorists consider that cheap cancer drugs are already has long been invented by you but much more profitable spend chemotherapy because humanity to this day then there is suffering theory that pearl harbor was gulda is planned president of the rose knew the attack in advance and refused warn Hawaiian commanders need there was such an event to declare war as the public and congress of dust is wholly against participation in
  • 02:01: military operations exist assumption of conspiracies producers which agree support production substandard and short-lived goods simultaneously discouraging dissemination quality and durable good example serves history with light bulbs incandescent set of theories conspiracy arose communication with attacks 11 September 2001 and many of them argue that president even guns people in his administrations knew about attacks in advance and single-mindedly allowed them to happen is allowed them to receive
  • 02:31: public support for militarization expanding the authority policeman state and management more rigid external and domestic policy supporters point for a new American Century conservative think-tank speaker for enlargement American global influence very famous secret theory world this government concept of a single political power over everything humanity different theories conspiracy functions of the world different governments real or fictitious structures such as he Masonry Jew
  • 03:01: Freemasonry Committee 300 Illuminati and many others headed world government is narrow group of people such as owners largest of international corporations and banks they carry responsibility for all global world events including unleashing world wars secret world governments attributed to him proponents of theory conspiracy is the creation societies built on principle of gold billion in opinion supporters of such golden billion members of the higher guilds and
  • 03:31: representatives most worthy and developed nations to others nations in number which include and Russian has a role serving the black production and extraction mineral there are many Theories related to global warming one more interesting another one researchers suspect that climate change associated with the test secret American climate weapons true and that this intrigues of movement antiglobalists have even those who believe that the global warming is conspiracy scientists wishing get
  • 04:01: funding their research in Lately hysteria on this about comes to naught and more and more scientists state that global The warming is not associated with people since the effects man to the atmosphere too little to cause global change some conspiracy theorists suspect governments in intentional advocacy unconventional sexual orientation to reduce the population about homosexual couples can not be offspring mystery adoptions are not all of them therefore the more gays will be and lesbian themes less will
  • 04:31: born children and means for everyone person in the world will have more food water and other resources on this all put a husky subscribe to channel and remember that if you do not believe in This conspiracy theory does not mean that there is no conspiracy