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  • 00:00: [music] great you see the next issue of the top 5 and today we will plunge into the past for the whole history of land as a result of global five mass extinction of animals due to which disappeared whole types of photos of all five cataclysms, we now start talking chronologically ordered discovering the top Ordovician strength of risk and extinction occurred 440 million years
  • 00:32: back in those days of oxygen in the atmosphere was very small and all animals lived in oceans when suddenly there was a global a catastrophe as a result of which relatively short period of time 60 per cent of marine animals have two main versions causes of the catastrophe are one of them flash gamma radiation from explosion star in six thousand light years from the earth to our sleeve galaxy of gamma radiation reduced The ozone layer of the earth's atmosphere half of the people living in
  • 01:03: planet organism and strong the second ultraviolet irradiation mass extinction hypothesis This is a sharp reduction in carbon dioxide in atmosphere that led to a rapid glaciation of the planet to survive it could only a third of living organisms on earth including our ancestors first There is an acute vertebral writing off If they died then you would not watched this video we are transported 76 million years
  • 01:34: the era of mass extinction at the end Devonian period occurred three hundred sixty four million years ago one of the largest in the history of the earth the extinction of flora and fauna as a result of which killed nearly seventy five percent of all species on earth are many factors that led to global catastrophe The main one is, as it were, strange not there were trees and trees caused the death of so many species The fact is that earlier on earth there was
  • 02:04: a thin layer of soil covering the root breed but as soon as they began to develop deeply rooted plants and trees They accelerated the formation of a deep and rich in soil nutrients For thousands of years, the leaves fell on the forest litter and formed the first layer turf and then rains and washed the soil seaweeds absorbed nutrients substances and growing uncontrollably oxygen from water as a result of sea life began to choke, which served the start of mass extinction
  • 02:34: third place is the greatest the extinction of all times occurred in the times of the Permian period 250 million years ago that led to the disappearance of more 95 percent of all living creatures cause the most powerful in the history of the earth volcanic eruptions occurred in siberia and accompanied by ejection toxic gases in the atmosphere of the millennium
  • 03:04: and a lovely erupted and the earth and throughout the planet was acid rain all was aggravated also by the fact that at the time all the continents of the earth have been united because what is the chain reaction of the disaster to contain was not only a small handful animals managed to survive this Apocalypse including our nearest the ancestor of the time the market from Don we are transported for another 50 million years forward and find the era of the 3rd the extinction of the disaster, deeply affecting Shayas
  • 03:35: life on earth and almost turned our world in the likeness of the desert planet Mars erupted at the time of its appearance first dinosaurs nearly 200 million years ago, the disaster destroyed half all kinds of people living on earth at that time scientists put forward many hypotheses The main cause of extinction is all those mass eruptions of volcanoes if they are basalt exhaust in the central Atlantic magmatic region that released carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and sulfur dioxide lava erupted for many years
  • 04:07: in a row and the earth was like a planet Adam from outer space could be seen cracks extending to thousands kilometers from modern Boston to Rio de Janeiro the volumes of the overthrown rock was incredibly huge by estimates somewhere 2 million square kilometers of Mahmud a miracle that at least some animals managed to survive this apocalypse in the number the luckiest are the first dinosaurs which after the end of the disaster in there was no competition quickly to breed to evolve
  • 04:38: New species and eventually rule the world animals the next 140 million years until the events happened which will be discussed further and so the first place goes to melko-Paleogene extinction destroyed dinosaurs caused the fall a giant asteroid the size of everest the collision occurred in the area the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico
  • 05:08: A hole in the ground a few feet deep kilometers after a powerful blast force which is comparable to millions hydrogen bombs hundreds of billions of tons red hot stone took off in space after 2 hours on the coast the present United States of America 90 meter waves collapsed overwhelmed the continent by 300 kilometers In depth and then the fragments began bombard the entire planet for For several days fires raged everywhere They were followed by weeks or months
  • 05:38: when the smoke from the fires mixed up the air with the dust raised by the impact of the dinosaurs similar to survive were unable to difference from our ancestors tiny fluffy mammals living in burrows they inherited the land but first place Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction does not receive only because it has become decisive event due to which today there is humanity not only because that goes chronologically but still and because it has become the fastest extinction in history if in the past
  • 06:09: mass destruction of species could last for millennia then everything was decided literally in a few days what does this extinction the absolute winner in our top on this all put huskies subscribe on the channel and see the previous two video top 5 most terrible epidemics and five juvenile maniacs [music]