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  • 00:00: hello today you again and marina we will prepare pea soup for pea soup us need 2 flour I cup peas took two crushed hours ago, I told him about I soak in a little cold water and He added one teaspoon baking soda make it faster I became more swollen soft and cooked well then that is, we broke up Cold fill his water from you for two hour that is part 2 enough 3 medium
  • 00:31: sized potatoes 1 onion 1 2 carrots 250-300 grams of smoked I took the smoked sausage and a pair of sheet forms leafs some peas a pair of black pepper peas fragrant salt and pepper as Now we pour multivarku oil and
  • 01:01: we shall cut onions and will saute onion and add carrots there smoked sausage everything else fill vegetable oil include frying mode until she see here It heats up quickly will cut the onions in the club
  • 01:34: I already cut by shinkuem on shallow coarsely grated grated carrots as multivarku on reported that she He warmed up we have omitted onions and carrots until carrots we roasted will cut into cubes column and add to dream onions and carrots so the onion and carrot I fried 3-4 minutes add here sliced sausage and
  • 02:01: We fry them together a couple of minutes as pea soup It can be prepared in ribs to smoked ribs until we fried onion
  • 02:31: carrots and sausage we sliced ​​potatoes so mix more time passed in a minute onion carrot us from fried both varieties as overcook include frying mode add to potatoes
  • 03:01: a small amount of I went because the main role will be Now take a pea well washed peas cold running water and so level of the peas it is a problem add spices bay leaf, pepper
  • 03:31: Black and fragrant add a tablespoon salt both assemblies spoon and all that fill boiling water
  • 04:16: pour one level just above half through dolyu well
  • 04:31: all mix and put the soup mode so select the mode and soup so an hour passed let's see what we made it peas good
  • 05:00: collapsed today It has to add herbs and pour the soup bowls so I added dill and parsley
  • 05:43: a delicious soup pea us I get a nice appetite do not forget to put Like and subscribe on my channel