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Design of nails in technology of shading "Мираж". Author Lilia Engel  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: for this design I used following paints fuchsia 212 red 211 orange 209 black 530 white 101
  • 00:32: pink 207 and white mother of pearl first using black paint I draw such as a sketch do our elements while we do
  • 01:18: sketch is not necessary there special draw because that all the same everything will be painted so they did this Coupling now I I collect the paint of different colors and start fill these cells first red see there is such a
  • 01:55: this tip is this The design can be it is clear that in other colors the question will arise in which people do you We are a set and they are sets colors they are selected so that related colorful that is department air sienas from white to sienna flow from light pink to raspberry ie that's all
  • 02:25: next-standing colors do not fit a friend friend because the mouth it's like relatives up to related colors so you can straight from this pallets choose any three four colors are yours The task is already easier but at least not necessary will be strong wonder what the color is on me fill in with orange further raspberry
  • 03:04: raspberry to have double-fill because a little bit glows let's here still mulino further and do
  • 03:45: pink I mix white with crimson do this here is the pink color he too beautiful
  • 04:16: will suit all these tonal put together and you can still this pink slightly add to it red turns out such a varnish is the very color pro turbo color
  • 04:50: a little bit nailed mix with pink and I will beat him a little bit flying away and give a good
  • 05:31: dry the groin bye will die some already dried out, for example which is the first red i drew stir white paint with red I'm doing this here pink put such smear quickly and quickly shading only with one side of our cells
  • 06:08: next I take white paint mixed with orange as well I choose the place for sushi bar
  • 06:41: this light tone do not even
  • 07:47: great home so that the contrast is more view between red and its color now the next
  • 08:40: we were crimson mixed with white Only now we have lighter, that is, in this color we add more more white we get this quite light pink so further raspberry
  • 09:31: we carry one more time because she glows then do our main color that we have already interfered and mixed
  • 10:01: him white paint Which can finish see mix it with more white and make black
  • 10:35: now while dries
  • 11:13: us two crimson I add the parts here here mother-of-pearl mixed red color light light we knead the color I go through here too feathering just like we do
  • 11:59: crimson with pink the same is mixed with mother of pearl and We pass here also more it's okay if
  • 12:35: you have one cell will go a little on the other does not care was to draw then blue paint between now I add orange mixed with mother of pearl and doing the same the procedure for orange parts pearlescent paints very well soften transitions now i will add
  • 13:13: slightly pure rose here a little bit darken the other way around because you have sat on We got automatically already this is part So or add white
  • 13:48: paint clean tusks pearly a pure white straight here on top and and shading just as
  • 14:46: orange now crimson
  • 15:31: I mix with white here the public even more white I remove two claws
  • 16:57: so that not too much It was and exactly the same executed here here I add
  • 17:38: red our white pearl and highlighting here white pure pancakes
  • 18:39: here here on the pink also then
  • 19:19: fuchsia with whites from mother-of-pearl passes friend and tam white I'm looking for
  • 19:51: here a little mother-of-pearl here here let's dry now
  • 20:38: blue paint i draw cell competing our elements are pretty bitch fat lines and round off corners this design i
  • 21:46: of course you can perform gels then are you just Use instead paints lily drive in the same way different colors mix do semitone shades others The last step is draw all black paint
  • 22:16: of course, here on
  • 23:07: christmas we are you can do the same in red tones glitter hammer that is do these cells combined pure color part glitter and this nacre
  • 23:42: which we drawn here He added he would give when we are now we will override the finish gel gives shine we overlap the bottom
  • 25:09: linen and this is our ready result tips covered with gel