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  • 00:05: Hello this video I would have wanted learn to knit tablecloth and here I I start knitting etc. I continue to think with you let me tablecloth we knitting method unseparated knitting this is what does is our tablecloth it consists of three kinds of motives the children are
  • 00:30: large motives two great motives and one motive connecting small note that Large motifs between are connected in three places and large motifs little mother m It connects two This places us will need at knitting tablecloth will also obligation on the edges and
  • 01:00: made border how to knit motifs and I like to combine show next video Special thanks talk about the threads of crochet tablecloth I see the tablecloth cotton which deficiencies have There are cotton the first line of not strong enough appearing all the time villi and we all
  • 01:32: begins boilers Matica is also great shortcoming cotton method is that they It sits very when washing it is necessary to frame a yarn in which thread becomes more they do not provide strong shrinkage in the wash as they retain
  • 02:02: integrity cute be missed and last but not least preparing the case is no longer It is so much wrinkle when knitting I'll tablecloths I advise to take the mark double mercerization ie they doubled stronger twice all the quality of our higher than conventional cotton examples I use metochki
  • 02:31: Pelican perhaps you You find what is other labels her big enough colors I I think you will choose for yourself that color which you I will need knit here with this Colors such thread very handy when and knitting thread itself represents Woven in the flagellum This all let's have
  • 03:00: start knitting if any questions will as always ask them under Video I will answer let's get started licking