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  • 00:00: Hello dear my friends and gardeners gardeners today most beautiful apparatus we began to prepare preform to winter eat something tasty but I will today offer snack that will I am ready to next day it appetizer not to winter storage and and to eat and the very next day for this I need two kilo of tomatoes
  • 00:31: I need two Bulgarian pieces pepper 2 heads garlic 100 grams of 6 percent 100 grams of vinegar vegetable oil dill basil coriander and parsley 2 tablespoons salt and 100 grams of sugar Well, perhaps, and three-liter jar
  • 01:02: perhaps begin to First, we need to you make the sauce We take 100 grams of sugar I spread ground here you pour 100 gram of plant oil 100 grams 6 percentage of vinegar 2 tablespoons salt not two sborochka chair legs
  • 01:33: that's the way it is carefully carefully mix here then we go Put the 2 heads garlic garlic I Grind in advance blender heads 2 garlic like this out with Uslu Golutvin porridge mix all and 2 bell peppers, I them also see
  • 02:04: Grind the blender we also spread here here the whole sauce posted carefully carefully stir our sauce I stirred Now They put aside his in side until we Now you do not need They gave us with you need greens I put
  • 02:35: aside greens we take her and finely cut it is not my basil trouble is that if you something is not convocation ripened in the garden you You can buy everything from now on the market without problems or supermarket like this and weed and all payment her finely-finely Limit your Come bathe less often courses and aroma
  • 03:06: extraordinary In general, I really like All this and dill weed and film and basil all it is very tasty and helpful do not throw if somewhere something krupnovat lesochek caught nothing wrong here so we milled you our greens and softened we add it all greens here in our
  • 03:36: bowl in a Now we have laid down in the greens pour Our sauce which we We prepared again daughter and stir because of snow or and pour in that we do not interfere, and
  • 04:09: mix together greens see it turns out here such here we have plenty to garlic and pepper sugar and salt, we it before we Now we mixed it set aside 100 Now we need to you three-liter Bank and as always Here is a constant my funnel you very much I recommend to everyone
  • 04:41: buy and it is very convenient for billets we began to see here such tomatoes matured in our vegetable garden in the greenhouse and in the street but as you can see not all successful this grade very macrocarpa and now there's such here roughness so we Tomatoes here are let in in this snack So what to do with you we place on the bottom a little here this
  • 05:12: refueling slightly straight bit and start cutting tomato wedges who as the likes of larger panic we here such the slices tomato So you see a little This is our here crop to cut off here All this bad in not very beautiful or same here slices each layer of tomato we generously like this Now throw this our
  • 05:43: for the moment, again vedun Paris and so we cut Mountains and forward that this gruel this sauce until we is filled race such tomatoes in this It was very tasty sweet
  • 06:13: extraordinary it's probably just Masha for heat mom or bad plants well here so even now add tomato though I love him not small slices and because like here so it is a little Mom shook so Again, we take our sauce all soaked and
  • 06:50: it will be very, very tasty, I assure you you this dish kangaroos very like that guests called to threshold does not cut it nothing straight time on and a plate potatoes to macaroni just what you want and wants more you add it Our core. this sauce on taking
  • 07:20: look at what I'm just a tomato you to compare even show you look a jar of tomatoes but it is unusual something that is called crimson giant grade but usually crimson these hotels grades they are here with issues such as to the corner of his no rough but it nothing wrong
  • 07:50: because this sort of like salad then I'll teach you that I have drawn from these by type cut off this is a miracle tomatoes i.e about this Bank with us takes two kilo of tomatoes
  • 08:20: two kilograms balances our spoon Now we need to
  • 08:50: your plastic cover cover that Iron-ie set so fat That's how we close and meaning what next you see how they give juice look like Further we put in fridge but refrigerator set so here's tomatoes You see how that's so upside down is such a My appetizer
  • 09:22: I think it is a tomato You'll love I suggest to cook tomorrow it all and we will be ready We will eat nothing no longer any slices it is very tasty, I once again I repeat that I us to do this, we need on a three-liter the bank 100 grams of 6 percent 100 grams of vinegar vegetable oil 100 grams of a sugar sand 2 tablespoons salt 2 kg
  • 09:53: a tomato small bunch dill and cilantro basil parsley That's probably all I I must not miss if anything, even something you missed I can write ask ask I question all with always fun answer your Well this question I finish his video until we meet again Next time I will I cook something else
  • 10:23: interesting and tasty till