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  • 00:00: Hello from Germany I'm happy welcome you to your kitchen today I will cook ryazhenka who you are I turn on the table pan tiles with thicker than the new heavy and kastrulyu I left a little bit here Water literally there 200 gram even less so only 100 grams
  • 00:30: To close one and now we need to wait not as long as our pan Vodicka deer here boils once water boils I send a kastrulyu 3 a liter of milk and sour milk must be taken fresh milk so I I bought Reishi and form or it fresh milk and vegetables should be take what is
  • 01:02: standing in the refrigerator milk which small small storage life and said fermented baked milk can cook multivarka just like here I am I will cook on his castrol and as you know fermented baked milk for a long time brewed and to reduce slightly but
  • 01:34: I like cooking time to add one a spoonful of brown spoonful of sugar or two here 3 liters of milk, I I add one tablespoon a spoonful of brown sugar or reed one tablespoon
  • 02:06: tablespoon of sugar refugee assembly then we will ask or the like and, therefore, this sugar there not felt I will add Brown sugar simple to milk from this female it will not burnt pots because he a long time I have boils on
  • 02:36: perish like going right so Here he begins to boil Vodicka well let good good good boils it is also in order the milk and then not not sticking He pestered me and I still do, I choose a piece of butter This oil can be do brush enclosed pan's hands already warm here a piece of butter oil and from here here here
  • 03:07: up coat is to when Our milk comes to a boil this is now the oil is do not give milk rise not find escape through the world well, I'll be here when the milk comes to a boil, I I put to the best slow fire and but then did not fire and temperature and then let it quietly quietly seething not it is necessary that and here It raged just
  • 03:37: quietly boiled barely to that it is not so boil all the water is very well here and boils Now pour all this milk I pan 7 liter and fill it have up to 3 liters of milk, I always for 3 liters milk cook then when choosing
  • 04:09: I cook more temperature until subtracting until the milk will not boil and immediately add a tablespoon spoon but good spoon a crust brown sugar it is for the color and and milk to taste not egoran Well, now you need to
  • 04:39: wait until the milk boils but we can not expect Why would occupy your time however as milk boils on diminish most to the smallest temperature and boil it will be an hour half an hour as as you like in general, I will Watch how the color is not Well, how will following this
  • 05:10: beige villages I mean my milk finished and then you have to will this milk very good do if you like fatty ryazhenka Surveyor fat good it has appointed paint it cream homemade sour cream and If you do not want
  • 05:41: much fat ryazhenka you can fill that's natural yogurt and every a liter of milk and wind will will boil vaporize each a liter of milk I take 200 grams of yogurt here then these three liters but is 600 grams or milliliters natural or you can add a 300
  • 06:11: and 300 grams of yogurt gram cents Well that's all preparatory work is finished so I cook ryazhenka to boil natural only interfere take the wOOD spoon and sat down, and then will boil as soon as the foam top will be taken if you do not want foam
  • 06:43: some do not They love and can not even when the people catches before that if you do not I love what this bureau foam foam for me she still has to I do not have it so I I just do not clean up disturbing you and more generally do not it is necessary to ill just quietly boiled barely to languished and said this as a
  • 07:13: she told me in color I begin to approach Plug and milk it will cool here see the milk boils and from what I here here's greased butter foam it rises here Now I will boil I put the plate Here at 2 and now she it is not only us boil it is now calm down and be quietly quietly simmer and
  • 07:43: here here will delayed film I'm just here wooden stick before or spatula just mixing and all and it will be from continue to sing and boil buy now quieter and was a summer well and there is not you will only
  • 08:14: You will see it quietly quietly seething well and all and now let boils can be half an hour, you can hour generally longer the tastier we are waiting for is what I here it turns out that's it boils it there boils quietly you see but nothing boils Now that's it for me
  • 08:45: Here's the light that's see yellowish so do not even zheltenkie I see there not satisfied with all of my ear of boiled milk more than an hour she little by little it boils it's top film going and milk it does not boil over quietly and dance and at the bottom of my all okay nothing I burnt all I unplug and leave
  • 09:17: to milk it cooled to the table as a pair and then all when I meet it will paint whether to fill I continue to do my ryazhenka cool well and what you this is better zheltenkie even here You can on pan on see as well, to me here
  • 09:49: how I have it boiled away and what I'm doing next Here's a cup here I put the cup 500 milliliters here this yogurt that is natural and 150 milliliters mating differ Only fat and one and a half percent three and a half percent fat Now cup posted
  • 10:19: Now here we pour a little milk and I We need to stir there were no Now all lumps and then it vymeshivaya connect and this is now It will be my starter for this is sour milk Here's milk yoghurt Mix and add
  • 10:51: It is still very beautiful jelly I got there beige immediately if pour it all back but it never Stir as needed yogurt is thick and so it will be like lumps top I do it to swim like that first cup
  • 11:22: stir when he a little bit deeper than will then not Good listening and it's all I spill on jars immediately It can be natural but put in the pan this pan uncomfortable I somewhere fridge or somewhere to shove so I immediately I poured into jars and then I leave it here here on the stove at night
  • 11:55: very longer if his becomes but now go I leave at night and in the morning I'll see if still will not zakisnet it means even leave fast in general, my king yet thickens
  • 12:25: so anyone and that's all It stirs me such sparse survive and crystal now I think that it connect naturally husband is out of sight in a cup as you want to and now it all we send back Now I break on
  • 13:03: banks and tomorrow connect show that I managed here a little bit more Stir that if Sveta any lumps there so they joined worth we are all waiting for the morning Now I will pour and I put well, and I want to show what
  • 13:35: I ryazhenka I got it flooded in the jar but I was standing right now she is ready to show right now and put in I want to refrigerator she is away a thick Stir in the mission and leave in
  • 14:09: refrigerator to it is cold when it cool it naturally delicious Such is thick it turns out to be my supper today if you like my recipe gum can cook it very tasty and healthy and I wish all
  • 14:40: Bon Appetit and see you soon on my kitchen all while