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  • 00:00: and so with all the greetings you simply again man and today I want to you cook one Chinese Thing is delicious spareribs Chinese made they are not in principle
  • 00:31: very well, as long the meat is done but it must be very and they need urgently suggested fall off from slice it should be appetizing and so that we have for this need for this we need actually in our pork ribs I I took half kilogram Such is the portion of Lemon got out of it we need the juice and can be for sites garlic and decorations Igor can
  • 01:01: green onions at all little one star anise we soy sauce Beauty in the end we add sesame seeds and more husband and three owls drawing we have I we also took sugar need for caramelization salt Pepper is also radio I do not explain it all well, proceed own portioned narezochka we will cut our ribs on portioned pieces and
  • 01:31: We start this action roasting actually ideal tableware bottomed where uniformly be heated surface to could equally fry our chips but as with
  • 02:01: thick opinion at home I have here a generally spend deep to here on because we will but still topped juice It was be dried in We are about to, I think we will approach the weak his fire substitute which is included in the comfort to that was here evenly on both sides distribution wiki
  • 02:36: as a descendant of will quickly spill we put a small I pour a little fire oil just to it is slightly covered on a little because you love and they themselves well Fatty fat will off and then a lot of us just it is necessary that they are not Here are scorched first
  • 03:06: spread to our Now we need just a little fry on all sides metal fat all great fit It starts from the heat points at this time we show the child cutting the most basic seasoning for
  • 03:36: Chinese food This ginger and garlic them you will need especially little ginger and garlic, too but they are a little give the same probably familiar every now Chinese food tastes they will give a cheerful garlic us I need somewhere
  • 04:06: 4 cloves 4 heads jealous over because on pan as I said we just but no fine can be to follow that it does not overheat and turn often we need to fry
  • 04:43: all sides all and under the guise of setting Largest undercooked about it can shift this time if the garlic we can cut quite cute and we usually chopped down his cards
  • 05:14: in principle, be will all of a dish remove when back MAPS your scent so it is in the cut so big fingers like a sushi bar when our little people
  • 05:48: have little browned lookout point where you can add a little sugar literally three or four dining here medial not spoon More still can be to large soft analyze I took a brownish beautiful shade well, plus sugar an integral part reach them all salty sweet-sour that is, here such here so add evenly distributed throughout the ribs and
  • 06:35: Bala will be living in oil Minister of sugar roll 2 itself uneven battery guy jealousy story it's time to add then our salad there Batalin than will appeal
  • 07:05: meat can it play here now Of course, to do so of course Well, our garlic with ginger evenly he scattered
  • 07:36: and Th one asterisk anise Come on, I fill
  • 08:10: where you get them a teen left then you need to time forged this is very peculiar smell, and then we will need to remove to a dish is not it is too lusciously literally one star not enough cease permanently stir all our ready perelazhivat second side so hot it was maximally evenly when the ribs
  • 08:53: well we have browned add a little just 50 grams soy sauce very little 10 grams should be but since resovtsev
  • 09:24: I do not have, I would add and here we are squeezing juice of half a lemon Incidentally completely forgot
  • 09:56: to tell It is still excellent dish add rice wine but as rice no wine is quite can add some beer not more than half glass fluid topped up so that he was half meat meat now we switches the sound sheniya It has passed somewhere
  • 10:26: about 20 minutes an extra moisture is vaporized was only a sauce has become thick it is sweet and sour dressing the way I smell you say here stunned somehow I had not used their cooking but yet now here on January the smell should just wonderful when so here we all is almost ready when the meat fry it stew liquid the excess will heated with
  • 10:56: vaporized we add a little coarsely chopped add green onions some water where that half a glass and send it all our goods in the oven 10-15 minutes I think
  • 11:26: not a big fan set our ease the oven well and now October 15 minutes you can wait see what will for the first time I cook so dumb course some scorched the corners that is at once
  • 11:56: It has clearly become what you need use well at God would make it It was thick but to crockery it does not burn with one side and It was the scene of another hand had constantly perry turn move in the general there are chess or mother dear we are waiting that you get sighting so sauce I tried it free Katya very tasty forward so about the way my kitty with successful
  • 12:26: box here just do not not also not been about ten to fifteen 10 minutes so certainly and time has come pulling our ribs look what's happened
  • 12:56: here is a great dish we happened our spare ribs in sweet and sour sauce Chinese in the recipe
  • 13:26: were made minor changes I need to pull them because I do not professional cook and I claim to be this particularly studied very nice as it is the taste we are Well let's try I hope not disappointed in their culinary abilities begin probably here extremely someone that something happened
  • 14:20: I did not expect sugar caramelized on a surface they ribs well slabsided It was such even it does not describe it softly crunchy crust and have it really cyst this tab marvelous plus the combination of flavors very busy it is the fragrance of ginger something around
  • 14:50: Council is ready this dish all subscribe to our channel and see more Big tasty dishes that I will willing to learn together with you prepare this It remains only depart subscribe to our subscribe channel our group VKontakte way hot moist not is well till next meeting happily