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Pattern bee HONEYCOMBS. KNITTING ON # 61 SPOKES  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I will knit pattern cell Here's what this pattern front side Wrong pattern side pattern soft warm fit easily Description I am pattern I put on my blog a reference check beneath this video So we will bind I gained the first row 14 loops that is for this pattern the number of loops 2 and begin to multiply
  • 00:30: Knit the first row an edge is not removed provyazyvaya and knit the first row one front one loop disclaim sc ie sc and remove the loop is not provyazyva I again front loop and sc remove the loop is not provyazyvaya front sc remove the loop
  • 01:01: and so not provyazyvaem knit to end of row an edge loop knit purl loops 2 remove an edge number then knit wrong scum
  • 01:31: We translate to the right spoke not provyazyvaya Working thread behind our facial work 2 sc does not translate 2 facial provyazyvaya sc translate into right needle 2 facial and so knit to the end
  • 02:02: a number last loop knit the front and the lip Wrong third row bead loop farther remove from the wrong
  • 02:32: sc ie and we do sc remove if loop with sc and These continue to knit two loops are is we have a loop and sc knit together remove the front one loop 2 and with nakida loop knit front and so, too, knit up end of the series bead seamy
  • 03:15: 4, a number distal edge hinge 2 facial sc We translate to the right spoke not provyazyvaya Working on a per thread facial work 2 sc translate into not right needle 2 facial provyazyvaya sc on right needle
  • 03:45: and so on until the end of this a number bead seamy 5 number one bead loop with sc provyazyvaem together face the following remove from the loop
  • 04:18: sc sc and We translate this this is not provyazyvaya on right 2 needle loops together front and sc We translate noose around not right needle 2 together provyazyvaya front nakida not haul loop provyazyvaem and so knit to end of row backing bead
  • 04:53: knit sixth row bead one loop Wrong sc The translation is not provyazyvaya on right needle loops facial 2 sc translate into right needle 2 facial sc translate into right needle for the thread work knit loops 2 facial and so on
  • 05:25: the end of the sixth row last loop The front and the lip 7 number of repeat pattern from the third row that is rapport we continue is from 3 to 6 and a number of us it turns out that's a beautiful pattern cell that's all I wish you all of all the
  • 05:56: good subscribe to my channel, and I'll see my following video bye Bye