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  • 00:00: hi how about today as you can see on the screen I will tell you how enter an image inside a bubble as you can see on the screen This effect is quite acceptable 1 You can do it with any photograph but it is advisable enough It is recommended that the photograph have good pitchers
  • 00:30: so that the effect knows much better and that this number is clear not a dark one let's say velazquez m that prejudged you want good I'm going to open this kick document image I will work with this photograph what I'm going to do now is obvious that stands out for harassing her towards capama and not duplicate the ability to lie an advantage a national flag kept pressing with trome j with the most political sale very rich in the middle and thinking if massa moya
  • 01:01: create a circle now I'm going to press control maximum appointment I invested the selection and I'm going to its first stadium how can it be eliminated from the outside and that the very accused circle control more and more and for Switzerland through the circle and as a people the selection continues from venezuela so I'm going to dedicate a cover and with the paint pot of color White I'm going to click and I'm going to remove the person selection not control macri you can must we have
  • 01:33: the circle and the image of the listening cast of the sica cut jobs I'm going to upload that layer and well I will not leave there I'm going to hide the tent and good to see that the collective contract and doers and muted colors of the rainbow I'm going to see a cover and that the ecclesial commission I will choose a color I welcome I'm going to paint over the area It does not matter if you spend the area preferably that the brush this is a wine
  • 02:03: and good the size of the brushes It is variable depending on the of accounts resolution tenacious image nicki bille so big be was the reason why I'm doing this with colors is because I already had made this video previously and good the bubble of white color and out there they asked me to do the bubble has rainbow colors or that has the courts to you that you are comfortable what I'm going to do now is locate m in the middle of this layer here and the layer the circle I'm going to people declare the pressure a candadito
  • 02:34: I click and thematically this layer entered into the other new tim here I dedicated the coat this time this is known as a clipping mask is already what I'm going to do now is combine both layers so as not to have problems when it comes to continue working here and secure an area is what I'm going to do now the Senate areal a mask and layer this layer
  • 03:04: and have the weak mind onion change the color of a plan consists of white me with him with one year and I'm going to click on the law as you can see what they make me layer mask is criminal mariah and well what I want to do is just keane with the edges of the circle to reduce the size of the brush a little and one can see in the brush that the flow is not 100% but 75 17% out there so that it is not an exact pressure but a variable
  • 03:36: and well, n give the shape of a d a bubble something like that and that I'm just happy and not the middle what I'm going to do now is hide it the chemical image that exciting Concordia we try to eliminate the edges with a layer mask and with a brush they faded black we are going to click on the area the edges and how can you see who am I going to make humor rando in a fixed way? If for some reason you are wrong
  • 04:11: here then simply and change the color black from the brush to a white color and well what was wrong was killed buoy come back a little bigger than image and I'm going to do both layers so far and pressing control + t volley very demanding I will not go back a little smaller so I can face the fields and we would have a medium bubble what I'm going to do now is add a new layer
  • 04:44: for you can create a small knife the bubble with him he commented criticized again we drew a small cyst to the estate horizontally and from here with placed white we do not paint conaway painting we removed the selection concluded efe nerea mosna more generic daughter the jasmine model if something like this comes out is because they convince them of white to Black like pulling out a white black cloud and now fixed models assembly and as you can but a small one is emerging it shined like this
  • 05:16: with the very close pressure tool now control more tribune modify the width and height interop address the changes now what I'm going to do is yes they will be in more independent proposals in each layer in the village he pulls photography down all the layers and they go down a little crazy city I'm going to do is to earn those three layers that I can combine to write done able to eat so we can
  • 05:47: can work with the bubble and we wrote a political bubble what I'm going to do now is double this capacity fernando against a j and I have a copy this carmen helmsman I'm still flirting with against a j it involved more small bubbles a work here a good one and so on we are going to put as many bubbles as we think is necessary and well he fears
  • 06:20: it's a matter of the athletic being in west very difficult to say it's a matter of practice and well then that secret the video I hope to be supported albert is evident a way Beware if you like the videos then do not finish commenting so that I can know what I am doing in this way contributing like you and well now I say goodbye to you minetti and until next time