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  • 00:00: Be carefull our exports Speaker conflict way of two parts when our with you it so let's say out of order it may face with someone that different assignment could then have We will not be Argentine it all comes back to not working and like let product there is a next position one and a half
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  • 01:00: or for example on the back knows for example see downturn we need to put teams extremely rare husband bit her grow in g as we do, and vice versa, you found a knife to happiness he did not change the position of nothing Krasnozhan three pictures of the X-Men partners buy Here we do not let on June 4 0 What happens next, our children begin move synchronously
  • 01:31: Petrograders buckwheat MP reached moving long distances and conscience us time to look at the bank while Togliatti and then those moments rag to prevent extreme lower relapse respectively, let's talk about creating or vice versa We regard the shot Kirill in the first period concerning
  • 02:01: slightly faster than writing more distance than any the people themselves have created here that's a little a country thereby creating a flowing watch Boris Zaychuk such unnecessarily the same no in all It means a part of the WHO falls between tarelochek why not hang an initial period of cloth is any nonsense computer represent
  • 02:31: in this way does not forgive 4 plates because very often yes This is a dream for example if you run west personality and speculate the mechanism does not work well adjust it remains glitters Bildt begins on that soon but I hit the post one such that when we do bunting of protest in the usual box will be understood that is covered with tension tripping mechanism
  • 03:01: form of But in Donetsk, do not wait to release started in this mode of operation, that is, if such stuff too thin fabric say than six months to the same tons comment much of this mechanism boarding might work under the bench say panic spread He pushed that outflow of power but not completely entrust mechanism cook such a journey celibacy on the facts of embezzlement
  • 03:33: like Christmas 1 of them that if the end of the cockpit like that's all there is a disaster its advantages Senator break that is, these stories carefully about NATO complex in a different here machines in operation daily every day can be because Moscow Why it will not happen portraits that chair law because go together
  • 04:03: quite a lot of work on it the production of sebum simply can cite as an example can be removed oh please can I brainwork special day it concerns Criscito came what to do now reported to to avoid slipping in the last year commission included but Lyon they received a course in Malta
  • 04:33: P it is easy to break inspection of prostitutes convinced ways what kind of people working on the ground because his computer all corners of the usual here refers to poems so pots punching power that he has collected under leadership team flexes nothing wrong, not only the plate on stretcher
  • 05:03: screw up costs that is, it is necessary to change the apartment yes The Russian Foreign Ministry is why we have so all we there is a danger than we will start from a place so while there was no such problem as guide to solve this moment we knew that such fly to go in the same position then thousands of pieces of the author as part of the investigative group response, Putin told you that criticism market demand may touch th in the Kremlin it quits
  • 05:34: it concerns such runners skirts but more on that a little nothing serious Now our search engine you Pyatigorsk That's how it should be carried out from the information work it means I want to say that the singer Beyoncé Knowles tex filament packages if they Now start to turn that conduct because in these five books is seeking moments Construction was unknown by
  • 06:04: culture officials but when for example regulation highlight securities the distance between this Friday Nikitin book complex released and all those who set up a fairly complex but closer to the end drought key Massukh during the first year medvedev for specialists I can tell from the costs for life Tyumen
  • 06:35: in Kalmykia in providing whoever they Pasha there complex as a consumable barns ie plastic it's all but over time of course all back homeless molding oil can lead to rapid out that the cuts Here it hardens instantly relax Moscow June 3 up to 46 points doctors anoint about how to proceed from a mad ruff transition
  • 07:06: because as we live where those sites that the whole thing is that he was a mild stroke it works on the installation husband it seems to me that the work so there was a day to start work on the arsenal MW did if something happens more than she, too, had to say Methadone is a good 106 he and organized even in such a large number of tanks with our house Agora, in turn, that accumulate small world
  • 07:36: never say it is very difficult if such is reported to interfere with the flour in the current good for us to enjoy more from fear We help game machines were very difficult it is necessary to try very strongly that she there break reject even if the driver Currently supply of components but how often China equipment will