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  • 00:00: Hello everyone my name is desired Marina I keep for you to take knitting lessons today we hook We explore with you new element that It looks like this or like this or like that Svema it looks that's the way to knitted cloth here So it looks as called pillars with sc with total vertex in general based on who interesting stay my dear viewers
  • 00:37: Thanks a lot for your comments I really I love to read them Adds me in friends in touch and we We will be with you acquainted closer and communicate more and if you like my video tutorials then subscribe to my feed and you always You are aware of all previous news video will always find quickly and easily as I have already said, we will study with you the new element tag looks There he is in the schemes separately here so it
  • 01:08: three columns here column one sc as you can see each column, and I drawn here air loop is then you are in one base and now with one apex here So look even meet these bars such as two nakida here also three columns on You see two stripes per night and 2 sc found as are the two column one on guide's two columns and two sc
  • 01:38: are still here are Here columns ie they are much more luxuriant certainly occur less often in more complex schemes are also may be or here and so on one dash the there are four bars with one or sc here here so even but two sc 3 naturally also can meet and We talk so much let us finally to do this is our scheme on which we today I'll work it I have drawn shouted my videos
  • 02:09: Previous you already everything will be clear that the we read with this scheme left to right Basically it all read circuit that you can meet in a plane not in a circle 11 stitches in the first row is the next upturn number 2 air loop Here it is one more will be on drawing and knit so proceed to practice like this We put a thread thrown through
  • 02:39: forefinger and to myself kryuchochek take and things start do first air loop If it is now to you do it faster you need more slow video or you have just learn to do air loop is better look Now lesson number one you see it top here beginning a lesson on It then also proceed to more
  • 03:10: serious work and so I've done 1 2 3 4 air hinges I need 11 11 stitches now looking for We look at the scheme circuit 11 in the first row
  • 03:40: and to start the second a number we need do again March 2 aerial loops and then we will do our agent In the place where the 11 stitches and it ended like this here tightly enclose nogotochek and hold still I do 3 air Loop 1 2 3 for what I I am doing what clamp here nogotochek here to
  • 04:11: decide on what place will do item from the place where I am now, we keep one step back air loop and start here this element in making the next element in the We will be composed of unfinished columns with one sc and so look as it will be look at knitting it looks all here it looks all here so that there is our there were a number of first Here are three air
  • 04:42: loop by doing sc our leg. back down here in this and should be inserted We pull out the thread and we to do these three loops with bar not one sc finished look here is our element It consists of columns Now this first column, we are now We will not do finished
  • 05:12: We got a loop take thread is passed 2 and everything on it We end up leaving do now second column one nakida also not finished for this We do again in sc the same basis in the same hole take thread
  • 05:43: further through 2 and stop this is the second unfinished column one sc and 3 bar here at the same reason not again We forget to do sc in the same hole in it same basis pull through it additional thread take 2 next all again unfinished here at We turned into one
  • 06:14: base 3 unfinished columns hope you Now they can be seen here see here is one with These loop 2 with him Collar and 3 with him Collar and now we to do them common vertex for we take this additional thread and after all that's the loops stretch are not in a hurry so as not to get confused and one more more like anchoring look here Get our and such
  • 06:45: column 3 pyshnenkie we made element who will fix unclear return Videos ago knit check them knit all in parallel with the video after the performed element we need make the air bottom loop I miss one I call pigtail hole and the next repeat our element that we now We do look at once
  • 07:16: Here below we did water points well it opened through this one here I miss here in the following will do remember here we are on top We do as a drawing 1 air loop here and I start again knit our element We watch and repeat sc below our hole we filled gat
  • 07:46: more loop do unfinished column one nakida this means the door and I leave again nakida We get in the hole loop further through 2 is 2 unfinished bar and thrown Again we do sc inserted into the same
  • 08:18: base gat air gat loop you take further through coming here these here two do not rush here and all three unfinished column and now we and we need to finish one vertex of all easily and simply take further here slow pull the alternately through each loop
  • 08:48: because the water learn to take away so that's and so that's pull to reach something cling and you do not hurry to take it first rights to bathe through one through the second series 3 Now that's not so slowly and all you will pass carefully not necessary jitter It succeeds here the second element continued over for doing a third again Air sc loop through one's here
  • 09:24: Now I knit a little bit faster so if someone I need to slow down Return the video back and revise and who already I understood the Just follow the next Behind me This is the second make again nakida This is the third and secure all three column and this is how all
  • 09:55: 1 but now I see it in scheme and a number to the end see when I will end latest air Loop is all I knit items according to scheme 1 2 3 4 should got to do air loop and the latest from the bottom a post with one nakida like stop finish number I have a number of dovyazala see what I
  • 10:26: But if you happen so that our stretch bars are now visible I already showed in the beginning of this one element may be a little different look and want it now it's show Scheme here and knit and so a number we're done here this one post with nakida here he is now we will make the third row draw it for Lifting draw two Air loop even We must do 3
  • 10:56: Air loop here will further air loop and here here at the bottom here these early lower elements we you are doing two columns with two sc with total tops and bottoms also these elements Well it seems as if they heart Well just the same a little different
  • 11:27: make here are elements that you already We know how it fit and so we develop Our knitting will pa5 knit from right by you left if the scheme we have already We read from this side here it goes like and the snake has long scheme It goes on like this series and will show is always right what we do as I already painted in the scheme We do 3 air hinges to lift 1 2 3 1
  • 11:57: We make additional here she is more here one more and much more we will do our the next element is But for all these here columns here there's a hole here will we need do as the scheme I He drew two column two
  • 12:28: nakida general top of the base such abstruse Name Well done so sing correctly takes two nakida itself from February 1 is 2 sc is inserted into the our foundation I pull more loop now need make unfinished column two sc means we take additional loop We do two more analyze and 2
  • 12:58: to finish in general such a column 2 sc, we would had later These two stretch but we do not do again making 2 sc 1 2 in the same base insert the hook gat gat pit petelechku further back We take a thread and make 2 unfinished column two, as it were through two extremes
  • 13:29: it turns more 2 and disassemble now leave us to finish this element we just and take over all these three river stretch and once again we fix Here we turned This element 2 column two nakida general top and base Of course it is in the picture so the top and bottom sharper Well knitting it fit
  • 14:00: Now as you can see it does not look maybe he does not but such a sharp little it's done and you get seen here in one the base and the top of it bonded 1 petelechkoy let's repeat More time We make the air loop optional we work hard here here Makes 2 Air loops and 2 nakida sorry 1 February slowly
  • 14:31: insert pull out unfinished bar business since two sc means time 2 will the second time in two again take February 1 nakida in the same base gat loop once more through two through additional
  • 15:02: 2 more and these two columns We join together here so much so we It turned out well, let us have traveled all consolidated we will do so more complex element It will also be three Once all of the column they will be two nakida still need like this draw I hope it's still We will do so
  • 15:34: additional sc knit will here here Now we look at once making February 1 sc in base got do unfinished column 2 through the series 2 1 2 again nakida same is repeated gat Additionally, all easy not rush to succeed 2 2
  • 16:06: 3 a 2 3 1 2 also nakida basis gat more take thread loop through two through ie of completing all stretches across all anchoring loops Now here is where Article
  • 16:38: which has a large more evident that he a plump rovnenky principle Now this top element exactly as here these here lower only here and one sc here for 2 sc see now as well the more you cartoon or is obtained a perforated such a perforated uzorchik but usually these patterns ends at the end of no columns and still not here such element
  • 17:10: nevertheless one column is I have for example here again knit Well two sc here and so should end Riddick here we are today learned with you so a new element that is in principle, quite still often found in different patterns that you could not understand
  • 17:41: write in their comments than I I can try help if you let me any request on any uzorchik ie VKontakte send I'll try my scheme time off from to make a video for you Thanks a lot for attention to a meeting in my next video I like the whole yet