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  • 00:00: Greetings to all who watching this video My name is Marina and I glad that you went to the my channel you still then believe that Crochet is complex and unclear Then stay with me and knitting will for you familiar and beloved deed In this video, we'll consider and learn knit one of the most severe pattern
  • 00:30: I came up and I wrote scheme maybe some of you think about God that kind of circles and but it sticks much simpler scheme really just knit is not on me difficult and I clean we are with you We will understand it I want to remind beginners not to taken here for the first of their undertakings a very thin thread I today I will of Acrylic me here such Now that the two skein palm puts it.
  • 01:01: pretty thick Soft hook 2 less than half taking a total of 20 more less I do not advise you can even C grade then you would have to take easy and simple, and so filmed scheme if you little you understand initially and do not know how to knit elementary aerial loops and columns with one nakida you now on top of the video you You see references on my first few lessons
  • 01:31: see them carefully and you succeed and so This pattern will be as you have You see the scheme Only from the air loops and bars with one sc first start itself number as I have said read from left right, we calculate how much stitches us you need to make one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen it will be 2 rows
  • 02:02: It means 15 air loops try knit all slowly so you can see So we do first loop start gain one lift himself from under pulling thread two three four five six seven eight
  • 02:36: nine ten 1112 I constantly tightens pigtail to the top It was not convenient to keep the braid I lay it on fingers are not hung this way the air 13 14 15 15 stitches we
  • 03:10: you have taken the first number to to make the second row second row, we read right here it is we are here it is such a high it's all for the second row to make second row, we need to Make climb 1 2 3 air loop so I Statement finger I am pointing here and so what we have here He ended the first row that's not to confuse these We do 3 air loop has to be lifted
  • 03:40: March 1 and fingers that are not let go of that is here the rise in the diagram wastrel for us and now we We do post with but one sc bottom row miss one here petelechku ie side order to make a column one we nakida and we do sc look where my Thumb is now
  • 04:11: It is my finger it's the latter Collar should we pass through a then kept here up in she is here and here you are missing I stick sticking I pull us 3 is obtained loops thread take series 3 take thread through two Here we turned column one
  • 04:41: nakida here this here first column now again air Collar air loop and we do next column one nakida you look missed one at the bottom loop that is we you going to do here here we did the first now we are one We miss it here that's going to do here here through the one there is air we did a loop and we are now signs We do through one's
  • 05:13: I pull here 3 is obtained loops take two, I believe through two then as we self We made the second column, we again Air loop 1 Air then the third column at 1 so we do not We can make it here
  • 05:43: here beside you Skip make here you do sc here we have this Skips to here do we fix it there cry 2 petelechki got 3 Now we have happened
  • 06:13: see our ascent this one here so he It looks like already column one sc's on We do the same scheme is the air loop sc and see where we will strengthen bar where we were This passes here we insert pull 3 take the door take 2 Air sc loop
  • 06:43: We were looking I miss here do gat 3 3 2 airbag loop sc look where we were to put it Now here we are passing must be fixed
  • 07:13: gat loops 3 we take turns through two take two look at us will now be the last column We make the air loop the loop sc look here, we were this missing here play last gat loop obtained 3 take two take over
  • 07:43: two here we are with you Knit the first row all we are all very just look it even look like that is schematically as if pattern similar to that that should have Now we are with you here at this point we made last Now this column to begin following a series of Of course all that scheme draw but in actually we need
  • 08:13: turn because that look that read, and now that order but we always knit from right to left and so look we are here to begin Trinity number we need make a one-two-three- Air lift 3 hinges make 1 2 3 air loop so great on
  • 08:43: air hinges do it to him We do post with one sc see where he it will be fixed It will be attached to lower the pillar and so stretch our knitting is how she looks do sc and click here to top, too, see pigtail happened here is our column here him pigtail pull We take turns 3 through color take
  • 09:15: 2 and we here I turned this one here is our first column again air loop Air loop us to do next column one nakida be also attached to the lower the pillar We do look nakida Now he's on top of the drain his pigtail here
  • 09:45: We pull out the thread take in three take two on the same Air sc loop attached to the bottom the pillar gat thread turns 3 loops take over two
  • 10:15: take the two dovyazyvaem number naked fastened to the camping the pillar three here a little bit I missed there's no key here, I I knit to end of row
  • 10:46: in a little I accelerated pace I advise you to a few just look at it videos directly to video try repeat this pattern maybe even redraw itself scheme to you got the hand We understand not only Here is a diagram to read but and how it can be described So last column in to do Air loop sc and now, see here Well there is no column
  • 11:16: be strengthened Here the arc I still look several rows of knitted under this scheme what I got as you can see a diagram makes us such a gases form mesh I've been a big I applied a pattern knitting some children in Sofiko After it was decorated flowers he also It can be useful if It takes a thin thread
  • 11:46: well to learn knit you get possible ford thin blouse club summer some I want to see you Now show how can be written scheme like so We knitting here in this right now we such are here and what we need we do next We do lifting 1 2 3 aerial loops and column with sc over previous done
  • 12:18: column with sc Air loop again column, without sc air column sc air column with sc on In fact when the feast I think Gates shoots subject to the beginning of the video You scared but Actually there is nothing complex if all done in stages that is because He began the fourth number more if we 5 will continue rise again like this everything looks so
  • 12:50: I hope you all had clear meet in my next video till