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  • 00:00: Hello, we We begin our second Training lesson crochet it is possible to bundle high spirits crochet easily interesting, and fast I will try it you We will start to show We begin our second lesson video first lesson you see the upper right corner videos and so on the second
  • 00:30: lesson we should you explore the bars without I noticed sc other video that call without sc 2 The fact that I I'm sorry to childhood used to talk without that column sc or one sc so I will speak as I conveniently start to read likely schemes you we are on the scheme 10 did Air these loops so here these links is our
  • 01:00: plait it all will be on schemes written without bars sc without a column sc written above each previous that is, if the loop this is our circle 1 Air loop is above it will start with this hand I have said that such Schemes will be read we started on the left right in the second row we will have the right to the left and so on 1 Air loop we
  • 01:31: one column without sc some schemes are drawn as a daggers but mostly I cross obtained by bars sc without very the old scheme even Soviet production here Now more often meet other Now we refer to consider all the days and so here are bunches again as cross so much and east and many bars without sc and look if no column
  • 02:02: sc drawn 1 loop hence it should be fastened to it the first loop another example here at second our scheme we begin here second row most often I have seen that bars without sc drawn small Now such plump sticks again how many sticks and many bars without sc and over a Peter and air are drawn to it
  • 02:32: I need to column must be secured well, such written schemes dopishut I type the first row 9 recruit air loops 2 number 2 number provyazyvaem 10 bars cut usually without bumps sc or sc here another example to add in brackets in each
  • 03:02: because each loop that is a little bit differently each loop ie map air loop We dealt with the scheme We begin to weave and do what we necessary air loop with We start without bars sc sc and without so what we do in our first petelechku
  • 03:32: But in the pigtail insert the hook see how we Our pigtail lies on fingers index here stretched thread that is, not on the scale and so namely pigtail lies and fingers we put a hook first those of our link grab the thread look no this and under side of the bottom from underneath and pull that you it turns out we have to
  • 04:03: hook turn two Now their tabs you need to connect 1 loop again take thread and threading through these two loops turned in We first column sc without further in we are the first link propleli here very it is important to share where then knit next year here insert the hook grab the thread pull 2
  • 04:33: grab the thread 1 loop remains at We have 2 columns without sc ie we you are now so on the following insert pull out thread we get alarmingly little under go to make it easier it was to give grab ispodnizu myself not nakida here that is
  • 05:03: it is not we nakida just stretched petelechku here further See the following link our review here trans so Rositza insert the hook gat thread take and threading in three It called column without nakida looked as directed widened on the charge that is how we draw so we were binding So we started on the left
  • 05:34: and went from right to left continue in the following required to get one stretch out the following loop and pull out the thread dash 2 the following loop gat thread
  • 06:06: I pull bit and 2 see my granddaughter I can not go here And so for the back We move that is not as It is also convenient fit Next we obtain tightened Aries field pharmacist
  • 06:38: how to yourself check you need to learn them I hope, too, knit you will be clearly now it is not so we distribute crochet thread here enter the hook in I finally see I try to hope Here you can see these here without bars sc that we you knitted that's clearly visible on risunochki Now, without a column, currently
  • 07:09: the same as the pigtail following next next and even easier to consider if you look top view got too pigtail that was here originally Again, here's the braids and links it We have our columns ie, without sc when the next row you knit you already kryuchochek You will be inserted under the this whole basket too podmerzli loop gets here we
  • 07:40: we believe this brother 34 eight nine ten happened this column without sc let's knit pro Next to a number of We do finished with this part, we turn around and again will knit from right to left you always knit right but she left the scheme
  • 08:10: it will be referred to as we see provyazat here wear bars without sc and now scheme will drawn in the side there written only three points already three will lose it as drawn bars sc without a look ie this column nadyt this on the rack I'm not getting younger painted by in this case the same
  • 08:42: most will be May 3 and number it will be drawn so that portrayed I have you now not by a shows how this but you can draw and such schemes may be drawn in Well logs and here written schemes It fits three dashes your points appear portal to get rid column without sc for example each in
  • 09:12: each loop that we I will do now I try it do a little bit soon to see I knit Now look at this I threaded pigtail 2 and after the light is not so same spirit lend to the end of the series under the braid is
  • 09:45: It means pomosh Nizhyn a little bit of me uncomfortable because both camera shoots well either on the I would actually knit 3 up you are welcome Practice well back to you quickly and
  • 10:15: quality gets these columns without sc is the same the basis of all bases if you learn of and case the following The following patterns have It will be made easy and easily understandable see tied Here is such a dense binding in principle a thick viscous possible to do something knit that is, whole style caps and scarves do not need no more patterns ie it is difficult It is the easiest simple words next video we
  • 10:46: you consider columns one and two sc I hope you all had easily understandable So interesting to see next video till