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  • 00:12: today offer bake autumn vegetable pie begin test preparation for which we take half a pack it is somewhere in 400 grams ordinary cruisers here such here I had I grind them in blender assistance or with the help of a rolling pin
  • 00:31: virtually dust The sand is very fine melt the chips 200 grams of butter oil and take somewhere teaspoon sweet paprika in principle, normally such pies put shortbread dough like I do it for many again showed him I personally like this one version because strong in their own right very tasty little salt obtained amazing
  • 01:00: completely test and very easy-to-feast you wave Craig crackers add melted butter mix the dough ready we shift the form Baking I 24 cm and trampled
  • 01:34: with their hands and then cup dispensing evenly on the steering wheel and I do bumpers In a similar way very tight rammed our using dough glasses do but uniform thickness and remove the finished dough
  • 02:00: for at least half an hour refrigerator just at the same time until we will do stuffing for vegetables fillings we take today eggplant beetles her and zucchini can, in principle, take carrot baked peppers carrot way too before putting in This cake should be little weld Pepper will have to a little in the oven bring almost to willingness to help
  • 02:30: with the help of our vegetables clean cut into here are thin slices all the help whom cooked he thus cut into similar we dorezali All our vegetables to We are now able to end move cooking
  • 03:00: casting for this pie to fill we need 30,200 ml cream I creamed literally dissolved the pinch very little saffron can be replaced by turmeric can, in principle, instead of spice use here Nutmeg also will need 100 grams grated hard cheese I parmesan and need a pinch black pepper and salt of course salt to taste should be considered how much salt in
  • 03:30: you and I have somewhere almost teaspoon to fill us I changed the cream color and even saffron not very bright but the at least seen the cream add eggs add salt add pepper stir to avoid whisking you on
  • 04:01: to mix in we yolks united proteins mixed with with recipes and the same here add grated cheese Fill us for the cake is ready, you can move in the assembly the more the dough his due time refrigerator defended
  • 04:32: we collect the cake We start with the edges alternately laying overlaps prepared vegetables as a circle We are moving slowly center
  • 05:02: Collect the whole world to the first end usually in the center inserted here small tomatoes but I put the olives I have no more cute after baking again if want to put tomatoes is at least pretty well, and we
  • 05:30: It remains only pour our cake fill that produced slightly before try it distribute it to I went inside and everywhere distributed bake evenly we shall cake in advance preheated to 190 degree oven
  • 06:00: about 30 to 40 minutes dusk minutes I bake this bake pie filling in It froze bumpers as you can see after 5-minute cool down removed very easily pie is not only very but impressive appearance and delicious especially if you pick up the perfect to a combination vegetables you very much I recommend try enjoy your appetite