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  • 00:00: at Hello, we start our first Training lesson crochet for the state is possible high spirits crochet easily fun and fast and I will try it you show start first thing we I need it natural threads for to learn to crochet I propose to begin you work
  • 00:31: thread one hundred percent acrylic before you are strings different diameters I want to show you and so you can compare and show exactly what we today's work so they go on diameter that is maroon itself thin Akrit sold in small such scarves here this kind of small jars that is placed on the palm then have to go thread large coils on
  • 01:02: width goes on little red here Orange but also the thick acrylic not any wall us today need Orange is not. Now I scream, scream for I'll start knitting I offer to take diameter two hook a half they even millimeter Here is what they write there is just stout hook which is not much thin knit learn it will be easy, and even I want to show you that
  • 01:33: If we apply it cell orange reds bad evident but still thinner the string with they should hook It seems to be about then the diameters here then it will be easy knit so we take orange thread take hook what I would like to put their angle lessons of the case in a thick Many learn to knit hook but do not know even the name and there is no specific I can not read circuit that's just terrible
  • 02:03: when you learned crochet below where most elementary and found in that a magazine you are interesting open you You understand that you are not You can understand that there It is written with the wall I'll be or I I will teach you to read and circuit and write circuit I certainly knit them and so the very first hands of location naturally on the left arm you will not. look as I vine invested in one I am looking for some under index finger
  • 02:33: and deduce the front stones towards wherein thread will lie here's a look phalanx when the index is not here Here and fun. to derive the perod there's so sleeve arrangement here in this place as the to clamp to supervise the thread is not strong the easy way out or not was intensely tight the I'll be there control and it is already on the pack the index I Knit over the hook
  • 03:04: we take a beginner hand as a handle as we write here so we write so we take leave alive goes on index and thumb with This look here on such hooks have Here is such a wide part so it lighter It was to get it the widest part and then we undertake and this gives the hook is turned not up and down as if povyazhet and so we took
  • 03:34: large index finger hook can put it on the middle finger have your hook will walking along the middle finger here in this as it is not so Is. we need to do to start knitting we need to do the first loop so we I do look pledged under the hook thread and just do here this
  • 04:04: turnover I did turn us I get the first Collar is the most the first loop with which we all start now, we will you call air hinges that are the foundation of any crochet and so made a loop that are we going do we now we will capture our thread and We stretch through this that the next loop it needs to we did the first petelechku and mass supervise whether she It will be tight well pull on
  • 04:36: kryuchochek whether it be weaker because a little bit here so it is possible loosen thread grab based on 59 I no longer big finger based on captured pellets in little and stretched it has become wider and see how we take thread we lead by themselves under grab the thread hook and display it in the top five
  • 05:08: a little bit pull to knitting was evenly not much and it is not very weak it depends on this will pulling the loop if will greatly pull here are the loops Of course it will be very little knitting you can just tighten all will be in his place if you will be they pull loop will be very tight fitting hook you it will be difficult to knit on so petelechka should be slightly easily more than himself key diameter
  • 05:38: So we begin to weave then take a look at My hands grew stronger when knitting will responded a little but I go so convenient, and I can tell you say that as you would not have learned but each master More than technology necessarily will in their own way, and perhaps over time We will do so next petelechku grab our thread but many kiddies continue And so it is considered
  • 06:17: Look from loop He outlined it is not sung new there is level 1 we have pletom pigtail and each link in the pigtails will be considered loop 3 of both you can count yourself look pigtail These link so we start from the bottom 123456789 is all the loops
  • 06:49: there's a will consider this is now two sides of the link pigtail is one Link is one loop and so how can we read and write scheme which will shown air loop aerial loops on circuit usually designated small circles suppose this first lesson we all
  • 07:19: still look knitting that will not in a circle but simply as a direct banner here see for example, any scheme 1 is the number with age designated spots Now these circles It is often write that one is call that this hand as it It begins by and here so we though we consider just 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10 air
  • 07:49: hinge means 10 stitches We need to score more is to represent just dots handkerchiefs same again how many points much air loops need to dial too well the first row a circuit in which just goes description writing writing for example in the early recruit 10 write in elevator
  • 08:25: stitches that we are now for example you We do the very beginning you should easily loop dissolve these are my four boy's face budded not worry if the that something is wrong and shall shoot so we need dial 10 air hinges, and so do the first loop We stretch out over it next 1 when I have one the following March 2
  • 08:56: 456 all good Practice with a aerial loops before you start Knit the rest pattern and so in childhood stuffy Peter So they have let we count them one two three four five six, seven, and here you can
  • 09:28: clearly not the case considered and 10 here are our 10 air loop is the basis all the foundations of further we scheme shall we knit since this side to this side let it be set at fives and the circuit will be read accurately as that is, if scheme is that's it's it is there will be a big there will be a reward
  • 09:58: Different patterns here it is read from left right even happens write if that next next a number that begins with this side writing double second place a number of such schemes will be read necessarily only But in this form, because the same well, and in this text text text scheme will simply be written such winner . sign that
  • 10:30: I need to do I hope the first lesson you could understand stop the video Twist ago see how even do air the truth loop Goody that they have get fast and well it tselimsya My second lesson till