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  • 00:08: quadro motive I snowflake like this through it night native tied shawl and inquiry enough is a model you You can see Minin otnogo sites and today we consider how to knit contact it is not very unusual is such a have back
  • 00:31: Unfortunately circuit is not very good the quality is better not I found we will work on this begins it is similar to the motif Grandma's square this square seredinka start Knitting with sliding loops of winding the thread around your finger Air knit 3
  • 01:00: loop is we here lifting loop you need to drag ring is removed and 3 column one sc 2 and 3, we will have your side
  • 01:30: square 3 aerial loop 4 column one if in the first sc we knit group 3 column it because here are three air hinges lifting us corresponds to one the pillar without sc that is actually it's been 3 April aerial loop 4 May column one
  • 02:00: sc this we have three group columns three air loop and the last group of 4 to column one sc
  • 02:31: and 4 in general, in the grandmother square, we would tied at the end 3 aerial loops and We joined a number but here to knitting came from right place together Here's a trick then it fits 1 air hinges sliding noose around
  • 03:01: We may tighten turned out here such accurate seredinka to knit one here air loop and column with sc lifting loop it was necessary for to the second row knitting us It began with a corner from them in
  • 03:30: second row, knit 3 Air loops 2 column one sc Area aerial loop 4 column one Air nakida 2 loop
  • 04:05: 3 is a loop aerial Area and still be four bars with one sc one air loop
  • 04:30: and so knit to the end a number so I reached that when we call We started bound by He has four column one sc then knit 3 aerial loops and more one column here on the other side of the there's a nonstandard transition rows needed in order to be in the right place not connective
  • 05:00: column lifting loop So we were the middle group bars and now We begin to knit small petal here and begin general the most cunning moos knit a column with three sc under air loop I will first lived points leaf
  • 05:32: wreath snowflakes More than a Artist tied 1 air loop again make 3 sc and now we put But under the hook 2 of 2 strings 1 sc but on us. and the second and so to
  • 06:00: knitting this motif Generally it is necessary to But with a hook pick so acute otherwise difficult to spout Now there will be we were binding pico 3 air loop here it is not quite ordinary for that it's like I would not be in the middle of the ray of exactly gunner we anchoring that is, knit connection column here so here a way that is, if
  • 06:32: this is usually done in first loop we We do so here almost in a column January 5 airbag loop 2 nakida also here under These two strings of 1 sc a peak 3 air loop and
  • 07:00: Now he and a column then knit verhushechku ie We do 5 air May 4 loops here already the most common in pequod the third loop from the hook land peak 2 air hinges column one sc's the same a place that is here in
  • 07:30: These two here here here these strings Here we turned a neat ray peak Now that all the edges which peak secured in column of air Loop 2 sc so
  • 08:02: I want to get into the 1 sc column that we had the other sides 3 aerial loops and anchoring peak air loop column 3 nakida also it is a sc 1 column
  • 08:33: These 2 sc the first ray we now ready, we were binding column with nakida here poker in the middle group of 4 columns and begin to knit thin ray
  • 09:04: knit a column with three sc under air hinges corner air another loop column three nakida since Saturday 2 Loop 1 nakida previous column It is the same as we
  • 09:30: We are doing here in the first Air rays 3 loop We do the same peak air loop and here we columns two will be sc you even this glimmer of it such a thin more dlinnenky 3 Air lance loop
  • 10:00: Overhead loop and May 2 air loop the 5th this place Again do this Peklo and the tip knit 5 air loops in the usual peak third loop 2
  • 10:32: air hinges column one sc when and dicom Air loop again
  • 11:01: column one sc ie if stand side column two sc ace this already with one and there I was with three nakida there is the other side column two sc peak air as I here right now, there will be two column home and sc by taxi I stick the hook
  • 11:30: to attach I form a column such a central Air firmware 3 loop peak in the loop and stuffy last column with the two most sc beginning of our .
  • 12:01: and now with a column one to sc indoor scrap in Group of 4 center columns here that It turned out that there Now it's a little ray and it is a great there's a native you get in result of all the pens tally equally
  • 12:33: looks very beautiful ball just excellent more justified thick thread I knitting of the muscles and Drawing cotton Here is such a tune